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I am a seasoned agent, but somewhat new to the REO end of the business. If you had to pick between one of the two upcoming conference events, The Five Star Conference in September or REOMAC Fall Conference in October, which one would you choose? My goal at either conferences is to meet and foster relationships with as many REO (business generating) contacts as possible. I would like to hear from those of you who have attended either, or both, conferences. Thanks...

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I am going to five star and super excited!! I would love to attend REOMAC also but I have to see. I have heard many good things about both. One of the AM's I work for invited me to five star so I kinda felt like I had to show my face. It is always a good thing to get your face in front of an AM so I would assume either one you choose will help you.~Stac
Hi David Cassin,

Great question however, it’s a bit difficult to answer. Let me start by saying, either conference is worth it. These 2 conferences are our nations largest and most recognized within the REO Industry.

I personally have chosen to attend the 5 Star Conference only. This is simply due to my impression of REOMAC. It seems to me that REOMAC is more a West coast organization while 5 Star seems to be more a nation wide organization. This it solely my impression because I am sure representative from either conference would say they represent clients across the nation and, I know that would be true but, it just seems more of the members of 5 Star are spread across the nation whereas REOMAC is West Coast.

I also prefer 5 Star over REOMAC because 5 Star is currently offering a nation wide online designation course. A further 5 Star testament to their comment to have a more national presence, in my humble opinion.

So, that my 2 cents worth………lol
Thank you Stacie and Jesus for your valuable input. Also, thank you the training information through Five Star. If anyone else has a something to add (whether, or not, you have attended either conference), please feel free to contribute.

Where can we find information about the 5 star online designation and can you elaborate on that?
I have just signed up for the 5 Star convention and wanted to share with everyone the hotel rate i got at the Sheraton (about 1 mile away). I have used for the last 10 years and have never been dissapointed with the hotel and the price. The Sheraton Dallas Hotel is listed in for $204 per night, i was able to get it for $80.00 per night using; i stronly reccomend if you are not staying at the Hilton, try Priceline, you will not be dissapointed. Just select the Dallas Downtown area and select a 3 1/2 star category and input your price, if it is not accepted you have to either change areas of interest or move up or down in hotel category; or wait 72 hours to try again. Hopefully this information is useful, I am sure nowone has a problem with saving some money; especially these days.

Good luck,

Rafael Garcia
Thanks for the info. All too often get the idea that we must (or should) stay at the hotel where an event is hosted. Certainly, not necessary... If I go, I will keep it in mind. Thanks again.
Thanks for the information!
I am staying with family.......woo hoo for me! Dallas is my home town. Very good advice however.
I have attended the last 3 Five Star Conferences. I have found them very benficial and you always learn something.
Thanks Steve for your input. When you say "beneficial", are you referring to the learning opportunities and presentations at the conference as well as networking with asset managers? I am always wanting to learn as much as possible, but I would love to establish the new lines of business as well. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Both the education and networking are very good at Five Star.


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