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I am a seasoned agent, but somewhat new to the REO end of the business. If you had to pick between one of the two upcoming conference events, The Five Star Conference in September or REOMAC Fall Conference in October, which one would you choose? My goal at either conferences is to meet and foster relationships with as many REO (business generating) contacts as possible. I would like to hear from those of you who have attended either, or both, conferences. Thanks...

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I work for DSNews, and we host the annual five star conference. I would be happy to give any information needed. You can reach me at or directly at 469.298.3852, in addition we also do the annual REO Redbook which is a great way to get your name in front of Asset Managers and Lenders in addition to the 5 star institue REO certification which can be done online. I have listed the links should anyone be interested and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
I would agree with Cary. I think activity level or number of listings and sales, knowledge, brokers license helps, doing broker price opinions with different lenders, vendor registrations, designations, and most importantly contacts. This is why I am excited to go to the REOMac in Palm Desert, The first week in April, 2011. Http:// Hope to have a good time. Do any of the REO brokers take their employees with them a like their assistants?
Jason, do you know what the price of this conference is?
Both conferences are extremely well presented and well attended. Based on your goal, the Five Star may have a more varied list of presenters and attendees, thereby widening your networking possibilities. If lead generation is your primary objective however, I think you will be disappointed. You will give out and collect volumes of cards but will likely not get any quality time with any one target. In my opinion the primary benefit of both of these conference is the educational opportunities that are presented. Particularly if you are new to the REO segment of the real estate business you will get in-depth information about the industry and best practice tips from some of the most knowledgeable and successful people in the business. Before you make your decision review each conference website to see what the focus will be and what presentations will most benefit you and your practice. Best of Luck in 2011
I have been to both. 5 Star is always great! Its never about what they are talking about to me. Its about you guys! I love being with my colleagues in this business! I always have a ball! All the other stuff is just extra. See you there!
I am brand new. Where do I find information about this conference? Please advise
REOMAC and FIVE STAR are both good but not for meeting asset managers...they hide.  Education, information is good...speakers are good.  REOMAC fall conference is smaller and less congestion.  Five Star is huge but many good classes.  My favorite is NRBA and Open Door...that is where I spend my money
I recently attended the Reo Expo and was very disappointed. It was very overpriced compared to others.
We attended the HomeTelos part of five star last year and wished we would have stayed for the rest of it.
I want to go this year, but am kind of scared because it's on the 10th anniversary of 9 -11 and the keynotes are President Bush and Mayor Guillani. I love them both, but I have a 5 year just scares me.


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