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I am a seasoned agent, but somewhat new to the REO end of the business. If you had to pick between one of the two upcoming conference events, The Five Star Conference in September or REOMAC Fall Conference in October, which one would you choose? My goal at either conferences is to meet and foster relationships with as many REO (business generating) contacts as possible. I would like to hear from those of you who have attended either, or both, conferences. Thanks...

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I signed up for the Five Star Conference,and I'm pretty excited. Not so excited to stay in the hotel at $220 a night, does anyone have a more reasonable nearby alternative they could recommend?
right next door is the Hilton Garden Inn, I got a room for under $100 a night through Expedia when I booked my flight.
I have been to 5star last year and was not impressed that much. All of the forums and Q&A sessions were over crowded and the attendees were herded like cattle from one room to the next. Made very few industry contacts outside of leave your card in the bowl. Could have saved the $2000 (for room, meals, transportation and conference fees) and spent the time surfing the web making contacts. I have heard that REOMAC is much better, but never attended... maybe this year. PS don't stay at the Anatole, you can get a rate much cheaper at nearby hotels.
Tom Gulisano
Raleigh NC
I went to 5 star and it has now paid for itself with new contacts and listings! I will go back in 2009.
5 Star was excellent. Either one is educational and informative. It's like any educational experience, you get out of it what you put into it. Both 5 Star and REOMAC give you the opportunities.
go to the Five Star!

Trust me on this.
Just looking at these old postings...Did you attend the conference last fall and if so did you think it was worth it? I am thinking of attending the 5 star conference in Ft Worth (or Dallas) this september. Did you actually meet any asset managers, get to hand out your resume, etc? Just trying to figure all this out. Thanks for your time and response.
REOMAC is much more organized than Five Star - also, REOMAC limits their membership which I think is very good. Of REOMAC's membership 33 1/3% are realtors, 33 1/3% are Asset Co/Banks and 33 1/3% are others such as property preservation, attorneys,etc. Once they have their ratio, new membership is closed, currently REOMAC is not accepting new realtors - I was disappointed at Five Star last Sept as there were way too many agents and not enough Lenders. Many of these agents were brand new or new to REO. REOMAC did start in southern Cal but has realtors throughout the country. However, both conferences can be beneficial and I attend both of them.
From attendees who have gone to both, I have been told to go to REOMAC, if you are to only go to one, but try to go to both for full exposure. Sadly enough, I'm simply too busy to attend either, although I know I should.
thanks for your input...have a great day!
BOTH! Attend everything you can. The secret is to set appointments with Asset Managers while you're there
REOMAC and Five Star are both outstanding conferences. I attend both. I must hone in on your "goal" however. If it is to meet and foster as many REO (business generating) contacts as possible you will probably be disappointed in both. If you modify your goal to take advantage of the conference offerings and educational opputunties then both will provide an excellent return on investment. The industry is full of "seasoned" agents who are somewhat new to the REO business. Introducing yourself to an asset manager or vendor manager, giving them your card, telling them that you are the top broker in Apple Valley and you want to earn their business will be about as effective as trying to clean up the oil spill in the gulf with a roll of Bounty. Find out which conference will have the most or best sessions on how to break into the business and/or what it takes to become a successful REO (and yes, short sale) broker and you will be much better served.


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