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Hello Everyone!!! I came across a few documents to get set up with Citi but don't have anyone to send it to. Does anyone work with Citi or have a contact that I can send my Broker Questionnaire to? I'm in Jacksonville, FL by the way. Even if the contact doesn't service my area, I wouldn't mind seeing if they could direct me to an AM that does or forward my package for me. Also, if anyone would like the Broker Questionnaire... just let me know.

Be Blessed!


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Hi Reg: Yes, I would like the Broker Questionaire. I have also been looking for someone to talk to at Citi, but I did not know about any "documents" that were required. Could you tell me where to find them? I am in the Fresno California area. If I get any names at Citi, I will sure get them to you. Thanks, Marvin
Sorry Reginald I don't know anyone at Citi however, if and when you find out the information, would you mind passing it my way?
Absolutely! I'll email you the questionnaire in a few.
Would like the information on the Broker Questionaire for Citi. Thanks
The forms are at the top of this page for download.

I couldn't figure out how to get your email addresses on here, but was able to upload the docs on this Discussion. Let me know if you find an AM to submit the form to.

HI, I am new to the board. Nice to talk to you.
Have you got this sent in yet. I sent mine to the regular Fax #, and Recieved a call about a week later.

Let me know.

Mike B.
Huh, I sent in a the broker application to the regular fax number and I didn't get a call. What did they say when they called?
Hey Mike B.,

Would you share which regular fax # you sent the fax to?

Much appreciated!

Cindy M.
Michael can you share the fax # you sent your doc's in on. I would love to be able to submit my infor also. I am in the Inglewood, CA area.
What is the regular fax number to send in the app? Thanks, Michael R.
Hi Michael,

Would you mind sharing the fax for Citi? I really appreciate the info. Pls. send to me direct at:

Thanks again!


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