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Hello Everyone!!! I came across a few documents to get set up with Citi but don't have anyone to send it to. Does anyone work with Citi or have a contact that I can send my Broker Questionnaire to? I'm in Jacksonville, FL by the way. Even if the contact doesn't service my area, I wouldn't mind seeing if they could direct me to an AM that does or forward my package for me. Also, if anyone would like the Broker Questionnaire... just let me know.

Be Blessed!


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As for Goodman Dean...I got contacted by them. They came across and saw some of my blogs and called me, so I was told by them. When the contacted me, I sent them an email with all my information that they asked for and then a couple weeks later, I started getting business.

So, make contact with them, talk to the receptionist and follow her instructions accordingly and, if business needs warrant it, they will contact you, at least that was my experience.
I love working with Goodman Dean. Responses are fast and great to work with. Will take any orders from them anytime!
I agree Goodmandean is great. If anyone has the contact information for Citi, fax and phone number, could you please send it to me?
Citi utilizes a lot of Outsources but they have one specific server it is one thing to become an approved vendor to being a preferred agent. There are alot of certifications you can obtain but the one through default school will make you stand out. Here is the link:
Can anyone tell me how to sign up with IClear? I received a REO from Citi, and they want me to submit some things to IClear. After asking the AM and no response, I thought I'd ask here. Thanks for the help.
You have to get the application from your asset manager or the pre-marketer. If you are not able to move forward let me know where the property is and who the AM is. It takes 3-4 weeks to set up the IClear account.
Hi Reginald,

I have had many Citi REO properties but all came from Asset Mgmt Cos I am signed up with: REOTrans, AHMS and Asset Link etc. To my knowledge, Citi does not directly assign their properties to REO agents, but maybe that is changing.

Citi does assign REO assignments! One of their main outsource is Keystone. Citi is not adding more REO agents at this time because they have an extensive list already.
Agent Broker Questionare
Agent License
W-9 Form
Citi does work through Keystone

I am a listing agent for Citi in South Florida, it is regional, for example the person who I gave my package to takes care of the Southeast region. I found her at Five Star last October and it took another 7-8 months before I got a listing.
Since this posting is old you may have found a way, if not let me know and i will give you her contact info.

Citi's inventory has been and will continue to decrease for at least two more months. Some preferred agents are lucky if they get one assignment a month.


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