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I am considering add CamREO to my list of Asset Management companies however, I have never heard of them until recently. If any of you are members, can you shed some light, should I join or should I stay far, far away?

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I have paid for this service for nearly a year and have gotten nothing! I received a call from an upset agent (nobody I knew) last week asking if I would join him and about 20 other agents in a "fraud" complaint. He informed me that he called everyone on the referral list @ CAMREO and none had ever gotten an assignment. I think the guy was a little off his rocker, but I will not renew again when my year is up. Hope this helps!
Hey Jason:

Thank you so much for the feedback, now I won't waste my time or money. Your willingness to share you experience is very helpful.
I have had the same experience. I paid my fees, but have not heard a word. Nor has a couple other good REO agents in my area. Don't recommend it at this point unless someone can offer a different perspective.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to a post of asset managers, BPO companies and other services folks have had bad experiences with.
Man! I was contemplating joining. Good thing I came here first! I'll save my $299.00 and take my wife out to dinner instead :)
Can we have a list of companies that no one has gotten business from? I HATE throwing away money.
.....well, as much as I would like to create a REOPro Black Ball List, the liability maybe more than I can chew at this point. I would suggest that at the very least, check the archives, both forums and blogs before you sign up with anyone and if no one has blogged for threaded the topic before, put it up yourself and see what ya get....that is the best thing to do for now.


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