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I do BPO for my own listings but somehow LEC found me from somewhere and offered me an exterior BPO for $60. Have any of you had any experience with them?

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Where is the company located?
Hi Ranjit, never heard of them, what is their full name? Are they part of BoA?
Hi Ranjit
Is this the link to LEC?
LEC= Leading Edge Companies
I did 2 interior BPO's for them 3 months ago. They were both $85 BPO's, which I was excited about but have not received payment yet. Thanks for the reminder, I need to call them!
I just received a call back from LEC and apparently the asset manager I was working with is no longer working with the company. It sounds like this has happened to a number of agents this particular AM was working with. They apologized and said it is their policy to always pay within 30 days. My check is being sent immediately.
Can you list the url - I tried googling Leading Edge Companies but couldnt find it.
I received an asset for initial services (occupancy check, re-key, bid for trash-out and repairs) from LEC this week and am looking forward to more... I will let everyone know how it goes with payment, etc.
Hey John, how long have you been with them before you got first asset?
To be completely honest, I cannot remember when I signed up with them. It was most likely in August. Please note that we are on the preservation and rehab side, not an agent.
Hey Guys, is LEC only BPO comp, or REO Listings as well? any other services you currently performing for them?


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