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I am interested in blogging but have never done it. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get my first blog published?

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Getting your blog published is no easy task, in fact it's down right hard. Truth is, companies do exist, that are fee based who claim they can publish your blog and, they do have some results however, not everyone gets published even then.

The thing to remember, published blogs typically have large readships before they ever make it big, like on cable news or local print. Think of your blog as a weekly editorial page and therefore, you need to write about stuff people want to read about. Once you feel you got a strong article, publish it to a networking site, like REOPro and then promote it. You are going to have to get out there and tell people your blogging, read others blogs and comment on them and most importantly, tag those blogs and add internal links. These metatags and internal links will get your blog a page rank on the search engines and before you know, that one blog will start getting search engine hits.

Don't forget, we just added a new feature here on REOPro where if you blog and it's considered news worthy, we will release it out as a press release for REOPro.

Good luck with blogging and if you keep at it, it can help in the development of your brand and get you noticed. Blogging from this particular site, REOPro, has already paid off.


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