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I was doing a re-keying 2 weeks ago and the sherrif that showed was not the one we usually see and he informed us that officer "Anderson" ( i changed his name) was doing an eviction and as he opened the door after the locks were drilled out a small bomb that was attached to the door exploded and burnt his arms and part of his face.

Be carful!!!

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Wow... I've not had a bomb yet, plenty of mad vagrants, but no bomb. I do however carry a pistol. I had one deputy (after I cracked the lock) ask if I wanted to go first. I told hime he could, since if he shot it was better then if I had too. I really think he was serious about me going in first.
Wow! That's crazy! Am I going to have to get a gun now?
I dont think guns are the answer...for sure they are not. Just be aware is my message. We had a lock out today, no one was home. So I went around back and looked through some windows and was able to see the door we were going to go was all clear. So being pro-active is much better than being reactive with weapons... However, thats what the sherrifs are for!
No they are not the answer, and no Im not being reactive. I do all the homework, verify utilities, several drive bys, walk around the house etc... but it is good to know that I have an equalizer with me. I am not necessarily referring to the previous owners either. In some instances, there is no Sheriff involved (dont need one if house is "vacant" in NC)... so you can have vagrants or squatters. I have had several in areas that police dont like to go to. Its the drug dealers/thugs that are the problem...And they certainly are armed. Not being arguementative here, but even in pairs, two unarmed realtors are no match for a thug with a weapon.
Thank you Brad for the info. This definitely reminds us to always work cautiously and as safely as possible.
That is crazy are they going to prosecute the previous occupants?


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