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I am currently a Home Retention Consultant with Titanium Solutions for about five months already, the partner organization endorsed by Jesse and I can say that by becoming one, this will help your business. The nation's largest Mortgage Servicers count on HRCs, to contact homeowners on their behalf, to explain options to avoid foreclosure, and to list and sell properties pre-foreclosure. You have to sign-up with a one time fee and take short tests online. It is a rewarding experience having to work with both homeowners and mortgage servicers. You will going to do a simple property evaluation, and homeowner counseling about their options to avoid foreclosure and most of the times, they were able to keep their home.

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Hi Grace:

Thanks for the additional endorsement of Titanium Solutions. I have really enjoyed working with them and have found the experience to be both financially and spiritually rewarding. They seem to be prompt with answers and the training they offer along with Sue Szeny's willingness and dedication to each persons success was really a eye opener. The rest of the industry should really take some clues from this company. I can't say enough good things about them. By the way, did you hear the "rumor", they are starting a REO division by next year! I can't wait.
You're right Jesse, there's so much good things to say about this company. I haven't heard about the "rumor" yet but I am excited about it, I hope it will push thru.
Titanium appears to be a good company to work with. I like the fact they offer short training via computer that helps with the work. Good communication. Hope working with themwill lead to more listings. I have gotten my money back already.
I'm very interested in working in this field. How do I go about it? Any information or where to go to become apart of this would be helpful. Tom
Would like more info on becoming a consultant and REO agent
If you want more on how to partner with need to click on the "Partner" tab in the top navigation menu. Once you're on the "Partners" tab follow the instructions given.
I've been with Titanium for about 3 months now and I like doing business with them. No short sale listings yet, but I the consultations are worth doing. I just need to hone my skills on follow ups after consults.
My first listing came, finally!
I have been working with Titanium Solutions for over 2 years. I have only had one short sale listing through them and it went from listing to closed in 48 days. Most of the home visits that I have done are either listed or they do not answer the door. But the best ones are the ones that you help them figure out how to save/keep their home. I do keep in contact with them by postcard, phone calls etc... I love working with Titanium they are very helpful and answer the phone when you call for help.
This is very true of Titanium. I have only worked with them for 1 month and I can see how this will increase your visibility to the public and how helping frustrated homeowners can be spiritually rewarding.
~TarAngela McDonald
I'm curious to those who are signed up with Titanium. How do you get paid for your time?? Is it worth your time in exchange for the amount you are being paid? Would you be better off doing bpos? Or prospecting?
I have not found this as a good avenue for me. I was successful in getting a few homeowners back on track. But two of those contacted me later and were back in the same situation.

The other assignments have already been listed with another agents or I could not get the homeowner to face reality.

Just does not work for me. I am sure that others find it worthwhile.


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