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I am currently a Home Retention Consultant with Titanium Solutions for about five months already, the partner organization endorsed by Jesse and I can say that by becoming one, this will help your business. The nation's largest Mortgage Servicers count on HRCs, to contact homeowners on their behalf, to explain options to avoid foreclosure, and to list and sell properties pre-foreclosure. You have to sign-up with a one time fee and take short tests online. It is a rewarding experience having to work with both homeowners and mortgage servicers. You will going to do a simple property evaluation, and homeowner counseling about their options to avoid foreclosure and most of the times, they were able to keep their home.

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Susan. Not everyone can be helped and that is what the servicer needs to know. However from 1 family that I have spoken with introduced me to a friend that wanted to purchase their home. I look at it like this: You can have your own financial seminars...what people need know most of all is to learn how to manage what they have. Also; being in the real estate industry opens up a load of other business ideas and you are getting a customer base instead of paying someone for leads. What if you started your own income tax business...these people can be future clients and you would have already made yourself familiar to them. Extend your real estate services to more than selling homes. You can be a Financial Center all on your own. I hope that my response has helped you.
The previous reply was for Donna.
If you make no homeowner contact but, go out and visit the's $25.00
If you make homeowner contact but, aren't able to get's $50.00
If you make homeowner contact and are able to get's $75.00

Not to mention, each lead you get is yours. I upload the information in my Act Database and work it just like any other lead.

So, I look at it as they are paying me to prospect. So, it's a win for me, a win for the homeowner and a win for Titanium, not to mention, if you get the short sale, which I have already had 1 in less than 3 months being with them, it really works out.
Thanks for the update on this. I've signed up with them and am looking foward to get started working!
how do you sign up?
Where do you sign up for this type of counseling?

Michael Gleason
Congrats Jesus! I have not had a listing yet but another business idea that can be just has rewarding (financially & spiritually) is hosting a financial awareness party ( like a housewarming) for those that get things worked out with the lender. Where you have this gathering is your choice. There are plenty of Dave Ramsey educational information out there and this would kee you in the loop with all of the new contacts...what people need now is financial freedom and many people would love to be helped in this manner.
I am also an HRC at Titanium Solutions and have been for almost a year. It is a great connection with asset managers, but most of all with home owners. It is a great place to be.
I am an HRC at Titanium Solutions. I have done a couple of jobs for them. I made contact with one that I thought I was going to get a listing from but not yet.
New changes are coming with Titanium! I'm very excited about this.
Can you tell us more about the one time fee? If the homeowner keeps their house, how do you get paid?
Hi Jamie,

There was a one time fee of $100 for the LMC/ HRC training when you begin. But you make that back and more once you start getting assignments. If, the homeowner keeps the home, but you do get their Financials and pictures you still get $75. You can also earn more income by doing BPO's for Titanium through Litton. I do quite a bit of BPO's per week. I love there form!


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