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I am currently a Home Retention Consultant with Titanium Solutions for about five months already, the partner organization endorsed by Jesse and I can say that by becoming one, this will help your business. The nation's largest Mortgage Servicers count on HRCs, to contact homeowners on their behalf, to explain options to avoid foreclosure, and to list and sell properties pre-foreclosure. You have to sign-up with a one time fee and take short tests online. It is a rewarding experience having to work with both homeowners and mortgage servicers. You will going to do a simple property evaluation, and homeowner counseling about their options to avoid foreclosure and most of the times, they were able to keep their home.

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Hi RS. Titanium gives you 14 days to complete any given assignment.
hello everyone,

i had just completed three assignments with 2 of the new products and 1 of the old teammate got his too and we are in the riverside, ca get ready now and these might be out soon in your areas...the assignments are due in 7 days so you really have to prioritize working on these...just follow the email instructions and you're good to go...i was not successful in meeting face-to-face with the homeowners for these new products although i was able to talk to one of them over the phone, still this is considered no contact also...
I received 8 assignments last week, 7 premium products...of those 7, 3 were no HO contact, 4 had contact and 1 warm transfer. Best part is I completed the assignments early to enjoy the latter part of my week!
I received 6 and my colleague also received 6.
How much time did you spend on each assignment? What exactly do you do and what do you mean by 7 premium products?
Hard to explain what the product mean unless you're in TS already. However, each assignment requires 3 visitations attempts to make contact with the homeowner (or borrower) in the assignment. If you make contact and get the necessary information, they pay out nicely. If you made all three attempts and don't make contact, then they pay you but not as much. It's all about numbers and how it's worked.
Do you know if Titanium Solutions is hiring now?

Yes they do! I just got accepted two days ago!


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