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I applied with NRBA almost a year ago and still havent heard back. Does anyone who is a member have a suggestion? Thanks

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Bridgette, I just got an approval today from NRBA. Like you I signed up a year ago so I thought it was an impossiblity, but it happened. Hopefully you will hear soon.
Thannks - it has been about that long for me too.
I'm on the same boat as you. I also applied over a year ago and have not heard from NRBA yet. How can we get approved by NRBA? I went to their website to check the status of my application and it says to refrain from emailing or calling them. Any advise?
Same for me, I have heard good things from other brokers involved with them.
NRBA will recruit or approve you depending of the number of other agents in your area. They have a limit of agents per territory. So if you are in a territory with many realtors and they are also applying it makes it difficult. Be patience!


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