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Here's my first BPO that was done back in was $20 for a verbal valuation.

What a way to start!

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I have to say I am glad I am not the only one that has had this kind of BPO before! I will never forget the one I went to that was burned to the ground. A pile of ashes, charred wood and the roof remained. The bank had no idea. Hang in there...they are not all like this one!
Hi Graig.
Tell me then what did you do how did you price this BPO..:)?
I had one that I did last April for an Asset Manager. It was an exterior so I was very careful especially when I saw the sign "NO TRESPASSING". Just took the needed photos and submitted the BPO based on the comps, $788,000 that time. 4 monts passed by and got an order for the same property for an interior BPO from another BPO company. I was totally shock when I enter and found out that this home was strip to studs, no rooms, no bathrooms, no plumbing, trashed etc. Interior BPO came to be $400,000 and was listed as an REO by another REO agent for $435,000.
Freddie it's better to get BPO then getting riped off by REO Rapid Start by Teresa Gordon
and the rest of thier friends and family memebers..
I would not wish this on any new agent or agent new to the BPO world. I recently took on a new agent, and starting him off on just basic BPO's was tough going. Something like this requires a repair estimate etc. That is something.
WOW! What a piece of land... lol
This was my first BPO. It was in someone's back yard. There is no permit and an actual outhouse was in the back.
County does not have records. Needless to say the AM and I had to work with what I got. In fact I had to assign a value on the house and note the outhouse.
This was taken last week of April.
"Mission dangerously Accomplished"
In my report I stated "guards dutifully on duty" to GMAC.
I hope they have a sense of humor not rejecting my report.
That's a good one, Sam!
How did you get past the guards? Those guys look mean!
If you really want to know, here is the street scene!


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