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I just received 2 listings from them, after doing proof reading on the listing agreement. I see that they would like me to give back 1% as a referral fee....

Has anyone worked with them? I would appreciate any feedback... Thanx

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I have never worked with Carrington Mortgage but I currently have a listing for Atlas REO and they require a 1% referral as well. So it's not unusual for some companies to ask for this.
Hi Kristy

I was wondering what it took to get on with Atlas REO?

Thanks in advance
How do you sign up with them or is there a contact number?

How do you apply to get REO listings from Atlas?

Thanks in advance, !
I have never heard of Carrington Mortgage, but the 1% referral fee is typical with a lot of companies.
Unless you list a property directly from the bank you will always pay a referral fee to the asset management companies. Asset management companies get paid by those fees and the reason why these companies are so popular is because most banks do not want to hire so many people that they will later have to layoff when the reo's disappear.
You are a smart man with an excellent answer. I like to see comments that make sense on blogs ..
I have worked with Carrington Mortgage on a couple of deals. They have been pretty easy to work with.
how do you sign up with them ?
Hey Sunny, Just joined this site today. I'm wondering how did you do with Carrington Mortgage. Does it take long time for their preliminary process? I work with First Preston and they offer 1% as well. I guess that is pretty standard.
So, looks like the most servicers charge a fee of 1%. Thanks to all of you for responding. Just an update with Carrington, So far so good.
I'm confused now. I thought they are going to pay you 1% but reading again your post, you mentioned they asked you to pay back them 1%. What is the commission %, stanadard 3% or?

I guess this is not REO then.


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