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Well, the sky finally cracked open....

Dear Marqueze Williams, Sr.

Your NRBA Membership Process is nearly done, your application has been APPROVED!  We're excited to welcome you to our organization.

You are now a member of the most elite and possibly the highest earning group of real estate professionals in the industry the National REO Broker Association.

We are pleased to have you as a new member and look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

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I've got the same one.
Congratulation Vitaliy.
I am sure that you will find such status to be worth the wait.
Thanks Lynetta,
Are you a member?
Congrats! well done, hope it brings you increased business.
Marqueze, how long you've waited? did you had to make any call to them?
Congratulations Marqueze.
I know that it has been a long wait.
Congratulations guys. I received the same approval letter last week. There were only 3 NRBA members in my neck of the woods. I believe I applied about 3 years ago. Their forum looks pretty interesting.
Marqueze-Congratulations and welcome! The NRBA is the best organization you can belong to!!
I applied 4 years ago! And now finally....I am wondering should I sign up now shoot its been so long lol. But I did
I had applied about two years ago also. I called one of the brokers in my area that is a member and said it was well worth it. So I went along and signed up from what I can see already it's well worth the wait and money. Some banks such as PNC Mortgage want you to be a member of REOMAC and /or NRBA before they will even consider you. So if that’s what it takes to open that door I am all for it. I hope this helps.
I had ran across this website couple months back just wasn't sure about the fee they charged ($165.83 per month when billed to a credit card. OR Tax-deductible one annual payment of $1990.00) Can anyone give me some feed back. There is only one REALTOR in my area so I trying to make a decision soon.

Juan, first year is a full payment, next year can be monthly payment.
Good point for Tax-deduction.


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