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24 ASSET MANAGEMENT - Just accepted my first assignment from them

I barely remember signing up with them - maybe in 2010.  It seems pretty straight forward.  I won't know for sure until I get their pricing and commission structure.  The $150 per closing for the website/tech fee is a little steep.

The listing should be easy enough to sell except if there are no well and septic records.  

Looks like I'm supposed to pick up trashout fees and get reimbursed but the electric is already on and the yard is being taken care of.  

Here's a new one.  The winterization tags are marked "CNEC", the name of the inspection company, but not the date which I found on the kitchen counter inspection sheet.   

Any experience - good or bad - on reimbursements.  Or dealings with asset managers?

I DID look them up here, but didn't find anything.  I though for sure that I had seen something on them but I guess not.

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