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Just got this email saying I needed to take training on quandis for this company. I have never heard of them. Have you?


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Hi Isaac,


Can you give us an update on how things are going with this? Any more bpo's?



2 more yesterday. It looks like they keep on checking packages.
I'll update when first Listing comes.
Regards, Isaac
I have done about 10 for them since March.  So far no assets, but all the properties still seem to be in default status with 1 of them set to go to auction.  I will update once I see what happens with the file set for auction if it goes REO.
I've gotten 7 BPO's from them and they are still sitting vacant. I am told I will get them once they go to foreclosure. I will update then.

Hi Isaac

have you received any listings from them yet?

Kondaur can do you know what.......

I jumped and did two BPOs for them last year.  PROMISED I would get the listing..Guess what?  I didn't.  Then I called an just asked what was up and was told they never promise that.  well, silly me, I didn't save the email.  Couple months later the guy emails me.  seems the current buyer was taking a bit too long so they were hoping maybe I had one just sitting around waiting to buy their property...oh...i was so mad.



I encourage you to visit our site and speak directly with agents that are receiving REO referrals from 3PAM. Here is a link. 3PAM is actively referring REO portfolio and BPO (some paid some not paid) and we look forward to additional portfolios in the near future.


Matt Becklin


3Point Asset Management

I have previously received an asset from 3PAM. Today I was assigned a free BPO. Did I do it? Yes I did, ultra-careful, ultra-detailed and in 6 HOURS at that. One thing that you will notice is that your free BPO will show up in REO tasking. Kind of like the difference between a paid BPO and a REO-BPO. I can scan though my tasks and see all of my tasks for my asset and my newest completed BPO complete with REO ID number. So I can attest that 3PAM DOES have assets, they DO assign them, and if 3PAM asks me to jump for a free BPO its only a question of how high. I would recommend if you have the opportunity to work with them you take advantage of it lest in two years you wind up on a waiting list with a half dozen others in your market in line in front of you.

I just accepted to do a BPO for them. It's non paid but I will stay positive to see if I get the listing.

Derrick has the right idea... 3PAM does have assets, and is making active referals in all 50 states. Thanks Derrick

Thank you Matt and thanks to Darlene too who assigned it.



How long after do your AMS aasign the asset? I have done several and noticed that all were under ther 54collaborate site, which is the same platform i started with 24asset.


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