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Evening Guys....I'm getting solicitations from this company.  As always with companies I'm not familiar with I ask questions.  Anyone familiar with these guys or do business with them.  What I see is that they want you to register, sign up for their certification courses and that of course "could lead" to REO listings and BPO business.  Like most of you I've got all the certification and education I can afford and it keeps coming from many of my regular clients.  I don't mind spending money to make money but I'm not interested in just throwing it away either.  Thoughts please???

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In my personal experience, you don't need to pay to get listing. It is not easy, but applied with all the Asset manager that you see in the internet and with Bank.

Good Luck


FYI This discussion group was already started.



I encourage you to visit our site and speak directly with agents that are receiving REO referrals from 3PAM. Here is a link. 3PAM is actively referring REO portfolio and BPO (some paid some not paid) and we look forward to additional portfolios in the near future.


Matt Becklin


3Point Asset Management

Matt - I did check the link.  I didn't see any testimonials from agents anywhere close to my area.  On your home page I didn't see any links to properties that you currently have listed.  Is there such a place?  You have to foregive REO brokers for being somewhat skeptical but we're in an age where this business costs us more and more to handle so we just want to be sure that where we invest our time and dollars will generate a decent return on investment.

I did several BPO'S for them and after 3 months they gave the REO asset to an agent who isnt even close to the property figure that out. And you cant even get ahold of them, Wish there was some positive feedback from them.

Hi Danny -


I can give you some positive feedback. I have received an asset from them. It is in escrow now scheduled to close. Since the assignment, I have also received a BPO request which I promptly completed and will always do. The BPO shows up in your completed REO tasks complete with REO ID number.

Thanks for your work on Elf Avenue, Derrick. Nice job.


Brian Sindell

Manager, REO

3Point Asset Management

Thanks Brian! It was a real pleasure and I very much appreciate the assignment. That's the level of service you can expect from me. My AM was great. Thanks to Darlene too for the assignment.

Hi Brian,


I have sent an email to with the subject line "add me" as directed on the website but have not received any invitation yet, can you please help?

Hi Trong:


Register here:

Thanks Derrick!  I actually have registered there but I had a 24AM told me that he couldn't find me on there.  I recently had it fixed, just wondering if Brian or a 3PAM AM could verify that they can see my profile on there now.

You are active in our system. Thank you.


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