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Has anyone signed up with the 5 Star Institute's FORCE program? It's a 12 month commitment at $149 monthly. If you have signed up can you please share any feedback?

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I have not yet signed up, but I plan to give it a try.  I'm currently in the DS News & REO redbook publications for 2010 by Five Star and I haven't seen a benefit yet.  However, I'm going to give them one more chance with the Force since they claim it's soooo much better than the current DS NEws/REO Redbook.  If the Force doesn't help me increase my business I will be done with paying for Five Star marketing programs...

Brent I have just signed up I will let you know how it goes.


My understanding is RED book is now limited to FORCE members and comes with the memebership.

Just another way to milk agents, just like their short sale and reo designations and lease option designation ect...


I have yet to find an agent who has benefited from REO Redbook as well.


Other than VIP treatment at their conferences, I wouldn't count on much.

Went to the Force sponsored even in Dallas last week and signed up another bank thanks to the Force/Red Book. They looked at my resume on the spot in the Red Book and approved me for REO assignments. 

I signed up when they first started the program.  I am waiting to see what benefit I will receive from this involvement.  They on the outside it all looks great and I am optimistic that something will come out of it an I will see a return on my investment.

As a prior REO Vendor Manager a creator of The FORCE I wanted to speak to your concerns on the value proposition of this product. I left the Wells Fargo organization (REO) after 11 years for a greater calling to provide a lifeline for the REO agent community. I have gained much of my knowledge from the agent community and want to provide a strategic alliance for REO agents that provides transparency between the agent and the client. Loyalty and respect for the agent community is not prevalent in our world today. The FORCE is here to provide guidance, intel, mentoring/coaching to the agents to help them retain the attrition of their client base as well as focus on new relationships. I moved from Frederick, MD where I lived my entire life to Dallas TX to create the FORCE. The agents are the lifeline of this business and I aspire for the FORCE to be the vehicle that gives the agents an avenue to resolve issues with clients. Testimonials which are the truest and candid reflection of a product and speaks volumes. Here are some for your reference:


We are Freddie. Received the contract two weeks ago, and up to several assignments so far, before training! We owe all of this to you and to your organization. After reading the above, still can't believe the incredible fortune. Patti, our Freddie interview rep, called me to tell me, and I asked her, once a broker was told the news, did they put the phone down and yell up and down for you, Patti,  to hear? Laughing she said no. I stated, that was how I felt!!!! Look forward to Five Star and running into all of you. Hugh Morrow


DSNews and Five Star!  Ami Curtis through her connections referred me to the FM family.  She continually followed up with the referral.  Ami made herself available to a phone conference with me and my Broker Lisa Barry.  We wen over our look, what we should say, not say, what are presentation should look like, what we should bring, the goals of FM and what they are looking for in an agent.  She prepped us for the interview!  I stepped into the interview with my killer red Valentino shoes and a portfolio that would land me a seat in Congress.  With my Broker by my side the interview went very well.  Not more than two weeks later I was surprised with a phone call from the FM representative congratulating our team.  DSNews, Five Star Institute, Ami Curtis and Thomas Griffin are the difference from being mediocre to highly successful.  Through their efforts I have been set apart in my community and in my business and I am sincerely, thankfully and eternally grateful to them for their efforts, support, and many opportunities of education and networking through the conferences, workshops, online training, webinars and those special one-on-on telephone conference calls at the eleventh hour.  THANK YOU!  Carole Fisher


I am so glad I joined the FORCE! The FORCE has been of great assistance in advancing my REO client knowledge and client recognition. The FORCE leadership allowed me to create a stellar resume and marketing ideas that will greatly improve my brokerage in the REO Industry. Since joining the FORCE I have picked up 2 clients!! I look forward to what THE FORCE has in-store for the future amongst our elite members. I encourage all qualified REO Brokers/Agents to join the FORCE. Ami Curtis and her team have amazing marketing materials available and outstanding webinars. The webinars help keep our members up-to-date on client demands and expectations.  I do not voucher for many REO industry networks/organizations, but The FORCE is one of the BEST among a few that I do vouch for. R. King Realty LLC


I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help in assisting me to get Fannie Mae approved. It has been a long  process, however, it is worth the wait. Thanks for your time, patience and advice. Everytime I call, you promptly return the call and you are willing to help me in any way and/or provide additional insight into any company I inquire about.  I am looking forward to a great relationship and appreciate the training and resources DS News and the FORCE Team has supplied. Look forward to seeing and meeting everyone at the Five Star Conference in Dallas. Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. I really appreciate you! Sincerely, -- Tonya Cuffee, Broker


I am so glad I joined the FORCE! The FORCE has been of great assistance in advancing my REO client knowledge and client recognition. The FORCE leadership allowed me to create a stellar resume and marketing ideas that will greatly improve my brokerage in the REO Industry. Since joining the FORCE I have picked up 2 clients!! I look forward to what THE FORCE has in-store for the future amongst our elite members. I encourage all qualified REO Brokers/Agents to join the FORCE. Ami Curtis and her team have amazing marketing materials available and outstanding webinars. The webinars help keep our members up-to-date on client demands and expectations.  I do not voucher for many REO industry networks/organizations, but The FORCE is one of the BEST among a few that I do vouch for. R. King Realty LLC


Dear Ami, Would you share my amazing success story with the other members of the FORCE, as I am so thrilled about it? Ryan Hennessy with Keystone Asset Management was a recent guest of yours on the weekly Webinar. He invited us to apply for an opening with Keystone and I did. You cannot imagine the excitement I felt when I opened my email Thursday morning and read his personal response to my application, which said, “I hope this email finds you well and thank you for attending the seminar last week. I hope you found it beneficial. Your application with Keystone has been approved.” Further, it is my understanding that I am the only agent boarded in the Seattle area, and henceforth all listings that Keystone has in the Seattle area will be mine moving forward! Apparently the switch was prompted by dissatisfaction with their former agent, and Mr. Hennessey specifically asked the FORCE for a recommendation. I was chosen because of my membership in the FORCE! I can’t thank you enough for helping to create this opportunity for me! Sincerely, Lisa Long, Agent Broker


Hello, Ami. Thank you so much. The Freddie Mac call was better than I expected, and I will be sending info today to them. Looking forward to tomorrow’s call with HUD. I received nine Bank of America assignments last week! FORCE has been awesome. It has not just been a good source for me, but an exceptional one. Thank you again. Have a great day! Linda Vargas, REO Specialist


Ami, I have been meaning to write but luckily have been very busy, thanks to your REO Red Book. I purchased an ad in the publication reluctantly last year after a great sales pitch and the endorsement of RE/MAX International. It has and is going to change my life, and I owe it all to you at Five Star. I received a call from Fannie Mae and now am handling the Fannie Mae foreclosures in the Charleston area. Currently I have eight properties, but as we sell them I will receive many more and have been told that I will be given 30 at a time once up and running fully, with expectations of 10 or more closings per month. I thought it was great when I had the two little banks contact me and gave me a listing to sell for them, but this is fantastic. During the interview process my contact said, “I bet you never thought you would get a call from Fannie Mae because of your ad in the REO Red Book, did you?” and my answer was no, but I told him that I did have high expectations and great respect for the organization and had just signed up for the FORCE in Las Vegas. I can't wait to come out to Texas and share this news with others. If you would like something formal from me to run in your magazine at some point, let me know. I will see you in September. Thanks! Sincerely, David Wertan of RE/MAX in Charleston, South Carolina


Ami, Brandi, and Kristin, I don’t know how many FORCE members came up to y’all and thanked you last night, but I’m positive that it wasn’t nearly enough, as you three deserve a TON of credit for putting on the most productive networking event I’ve been to this conference. I couldn’t believe how many clients just kept coming and coming and coming. It was awesome and I just wanted you all to know that I know how much work it takes to put on something like that, and you three did it up right! I’m going to be coming to Dallas next month for a day, and I’d like to be able to take y’all out to lunch! Thanks again and cheers! Blake Peter


Kristin, Congratulations to the DS News staff for the breakthrough FORCE network. In just the first two months, I've found more useful REO resources through the FORCE than in nearly all the other programs I've participated in over the last five years combined—and there have been more than a few! The weekly Webinars are great: ongoing and impactful training from top professionals with front-line experience. I've already received a new client referral directly from a highly respected fellow FORCE member. That's a promising start—a network that actually networks! I'm excited and really looking forward to the upcoming face-to-face summits and meetings. Thanks again to DS News for all the support and for continuing to raise the bar! At your service, Mike Bell, Broker, FORCE, FSP, ROPC, COPE, CRS, GRI


I want to take a moment and share how impressed I am with Kristin at DS News, the Red Book, and now with FORCE. I learned about the Red Book from one of the Five Star Conferences, and Kristin followed up with me regarding advertising. Business had slowed in 2010, and I was looking to promote my business. Red Book is where I decided I was going to direct my advertising budget, and I am so thankful I did! The Red Book came out in September 2010, and the following week I had several new clients. Suddenly, I was busy again with listings and, of course, buyers from these listings. The majority of my sales for 2010 occurred in the fourth quarter, after my Red Book advertising. The phrase “There are no guarantees in life” is often heard, especially in real estate. Advertising does not guarantee REO listings. However, in my circumstance, it positioned me to be seen by decision makers. Immediately after signing up with FORCE, I received a new assignment from a company I have been following for over a year. Kristin at DS News is personable, hardworking, and experienced. She is always available to review an ad proof, make revisions, and offer suggestions. I consider her to be an essential part of my team. I highly recommend Kristin at DS News, the Red Book, and now the FORCE. Scott Nash, CDPE, Owner CITILIFE Real Estate, LLC, Avondale, Arizona


Red Book Testimonials


Kristin, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you and Five Star. Being a long-term REO agent, I have seen a lot of different companies offer exposure to agents for a price. Working with you has been a totally different experience. Your personal follow-up and support is something I never expected and impress me very much. What has been most exciting is the success I have had in a short time. Obtaining new clients is a challenge as never before in the current market conditions, and your efforts are exceptional. A great man once said, “There is no better way to judge a person than results, often harsh, but always valid.” Based on my personal results with your support, I have made new contacts and anticipate a great upcoming year. Many agents wanting to get into REO today have asked me how they should go about it. I would suggest they give you a call. I am a proud member of REOMAC and REO Connection. REO Connection has been a great source of benefit to my carrier, and I can’t say enough about their support. Adding Five Star and your personal touch has been a wonderful addition, and it will be my pleasure to let everyone know. Thank you again, Tom Rucci, RE/MAX Advantage


“Advertising in the REO Red Book directory has been very beneficial to growing my business. I have received multiple buyer referrals from other brokers throughout the country, and I picked up a corporate account. REO Red Book gives my business continuing exposure.” Aggie Carpenter, VP REO Services, The Jacques Company


“I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from an asset manager asking if he could interview me and if I would like to be an agent for their company. My answers were, “Yes and yes!” Our business relationship has been great ever since. I highly recommend being a part of the REO Red Book.” Trevor Jones, Premier Valley Properties


“As the vendor manager for Keystone Asset Management, it is a big responsibility to ensure our team has sufficient coverage across the nation. In doing this, I keep REO Red Book on my desk to find qualified REO brokers and agents on an as-needed basis. I find the book and website easy to use, and I recommend all asset managers utilize these tools when searching for an agent to list a property or perform a BPO.” Ryan Hennessy, Vendor Management Supervisor, Keystone Asset Management, Inc.


“My department is very pleased with the DS News REO Red Book. The Red Book gives our staff the ability to easily search for agents and learn about the agents/brokers assigned to our properties. I would recommend the Red Book to any asset manager looking for a good agent resource.” Garrett Mays, VP of Vendor Management, U.S. Real Estate Services


“I definitely want to do REO Red Book. That was my best investment last year! I picked up three new properties within the first 30 days, and I would say for the whole year, I received overall 12 properties from two new clients.” Samantha Roper, Broker Associate, Century 21 – Team 21 Asset Management, Inc.


“I was contacted in less than two weeks and received a very nice property listing because of my Red Book presence.” Patty Edney, Owner-Broker, Realty World Carolina Shores


Thanls for your excellent response Ami.  My wife and I both joined the FORCE in Dallas becuase we heard several testimonials like this at the 5 Star.  Looking forward to a great relationship with your  organization!

Hey, Roger - good to see you here - how has business been since we met at REOMAC?  Will you & your wife be at Five Star, in Dallas on 9/5?

Now that some time has passed on this, what are the thoughts on joining the FORCE program?  Any feedback would be appreciated!



Its one of the best moves I made, well worth the monthly fee!

I signed up from November until July. It's for the experienced only. It seems as though they hold a lot of social functions in the Dallas area where you are expected to drop everything and spend a few days networking -- other than invites to fly to Dallas, I received nothing.


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