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Have any one worked with this asset managemet company yet??? I've been contacted by them and just would like to get to know sameone that is worling with them?????


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They want $65 to register to do BPOs.  I checked their domain:


Registered through:, Inc. (  

Domain Name: 5280REO.NET

Created on: 09-Oct-10

Expires on: 09-Oct-12

Last Updated on: 09-Oct-10


So apparently they are very new and only bothered to get a 1-year period for the domain registration.  Looks like a scam or something to me, ala Absolute REO.


Thanks for this post - I just received a message from them also and decided to check them out - I also thought it looks like a scam due to their message show on email below in BOLD:


Please see the attached letter from our Senior Management regarding BPO orders as well as REO assignments in your area.  Thank you and have a great day. 


This is all show on the body of the email




Thanks I also got a other message from an agent that they contacted too. The market is full of people tryng to take advantage from us!!!And we are just trying to make a living for our family!!!!This is a shame!!!!

Lets still conected and any updates we'll get in touch!!!

Have a great Hplyday Season!!!!!

I got a call from them a couple of weeks ago but when I checked another forum the Agents agreed it may be a scam.  I opted not to pay to lose.  JMO.

I received the same email.  I will pass at this time and save my money
yes I received the same one and when I read their privacy policy noticed a couple of errors you would not expect from a legit company...Glad I researched somemore!
I actually was able speak with the founders today.  After receiving the email I looked them up and found your concerns so I requested a meeting.  They are a new company but to me seem completely legit.  i visted there office and actually addressed some of the issues on here.  Just an FYI  their web space they have now is only a temp page, they are building out a web based work station,  this was their reason for the domain.  After spending some time speaking with them and viewing what they are building out, I am impressed.  I dont believe this is a scam, just a new company.  I signed up with them today and feel confident in my decision.  Just an FYI.
Please keep us posted on your results: the good, the bad and the ugly. Good luck.
If I am not mistaking a domain registration is your web address they would take that with them when the would switch to a workstation, Go Daddy is where you can get a free website, which is what they have, but you also purchase your web address or domain names there. They would have purchased more time if serious....I have several domain names and have purchased each of them for 5 years so I dont have to worry about it. That was a good call by Seb.
I work extensively in the BPO business and I smell fraud....BIGTIME.  Please stay away from any unknown name like this asking for money.  Also, one reply  in favor sounds fishy too.   Lastly, as we all should try to keep our industry safe, I filed a report with the FBI to investigate. In the future, easy to file a report online  with FBI on suspicious emails like this. Let me know if any additional information.
I will keep everyone posted as to how this turns out.  Like I said they seem legit to me but I will let everyone know. They stated they should be getting orders within the next few months.  I would say if you aren't comfortable signing up then dont.  But i will say that half the companies we work for these days were un heard of a few years ago and while there are scams out there there are also good opportunities.
Yeah, but those companies never charged for the opportunity to get BPOs or listings. I remember when I first started BPOs and was contacted by Clear Capital. They came looking for agents and asked for me to sign up. There was never a charge and the only thing I would have risked to lose was my time, energy or gas completing the order. Turns out they were a legit company and I did many more BPOs for them in the following years. Nowadays you have to many newer companies coming on board with the intention of just making a quick buck off of hopeful and starving agents. It is up to you if your willing to take that chance or not. If you do make sure it is an amount you can live with losing, should they be a scam company.


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