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Have any one worked with this asset managemet company yet??? I've been contacted by them and just would like to get to know sameone that is worling with them?????


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I am the co-owner of 5280 Asset Management.  I would like to start by introducing our company and answering a few concerns.  My partner and I have been in this industry for over 22 years combined, we have been involved with some of the largest Asset management companies in the country.  Also I have worked for lenders in the default area.  Between the two of us we have extensive experience across the board.  Late last year we decided that we wanted to take our knowledge and start our own Asset Management company.  We believe that without good agents we have nothing, so our main goal is to build lasting relationships with our vendors.  I understand real estate professionals having doubts about a new company like ours this is why my partner and I decided to answer some of these blogs so that people are receiving firsthand knowledge instead of gossip.  Yes, we do charge a fee to sign up, this is because we are limiting the number of agents in each market area and want to use 100% of the agents that are registered with us.  We feel based on our years of experience that this is a good way to create a buffer from the open registration other companies have and resulting issues with unusable agents.  We believe that the standards should be raised.  To answer another question, yes we did only register our domain for a year, this is due to the fact that we are new and are in the process of building out a new, more functional website along with agent and internal workspaces.  As a new company we expect agents to have questions,  we are always here to answer them.  We do not want people to register if they have doubts or concerns, however all we can hope for is that you obtain the initial information about our company first hand.  Our office is located in Denver and you can contact us at or call 720-420-0001 or 720-420-0002


Hi Courtney,


I have tried to get in toucn with you through your website but, have been unsuccesful so, I will try here and hopefully you will respond.


REOPro has a BlogTalkRadio show that we are going to start back up here in the next couple weeks and I would love to have you on to discuss your company.


If this is something that may interest you, please feel free to contact me directly via email at


thanks and have a good day.

Jesse, Please see my email. My partner and I are in meetings all day today and are traveling meeting with clients this week, however if you would give us a few days to discuss and resond it would be appriciated.  Thank you
I have emailed your office twice to ask about inventory and agent quantity in my area.  Neither time have I received a response.  Could you contact me?  Tara Nagelhout 541-606-2954, Eugene Oregon

mr gonzalez

please call me at your convience as i would like to discuss some possibilities of affiliate programs/blog talk radio sponcerships, as i am associated with bpo automation group, bpo university, and bpo genius and have been in the business of bpos and reo listings for over 6 years in south florida and georgia.



305 794-0241

Thank you for responding Courtney. 


I'm glad that we have a bright group of agents on these board to help faciliate important concerns such as those mentioned in prior posts.  I went to your site and it seems your business model is around BPOs or is there potential for REO business?  Also, have you identified a roster of corporate clients you will be working with and how long will it take to start seeing business once the initial fee is made?

call me as i left a voice message for you

305 794-0241


Is this really the Courtney Davis with  BROKER PRICE OPINION.COM . There is a different photo of Courtney on Linkedin at:

Which photo is the real Courtney?

Fake Photo , then Fake Company.

Ron, I agree.  I checked it out too.  Funny, nothing but a big scam.  I did file with the FBI, lets see what happens.   Too much what energy people will put into in taking good money from hard working people like many agents.  PLEASE, run from 5280!!

First let me say I think the company is not for real, but as far as the photo that is exactly what I thought about too...but MAYBE she did not have the profile photo on her computer...the courtney on here it looks like it is stock photo....not sure of course....maybe we should ask who her partner is?


That stock  photo, comon  Are you serious?This is not even worth our time, but again, we should report things like this to law enforcement.  Maybe it is for real, but with my experience, this does appear to be fraudulent.   I wonder how many agents paid that $65?  ALL agents who read this, the really good companies, REO/BPO DO NOT charge for good agents to be registered with their company.   If you even see fees they are for REO vendor websites that function as a tool to complete an escrow with an REO.  Of course, you already have business with that company.  
Seems like that profile is deleted......


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