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8/29-8/31 Old Republic is going nuts with orders on Labor Day Weekend-told you so....Joey Singh

8/29-8/31 Old Republic is going nuts with orders on Labor Day Weekend-told you so....Joey Singh

Old Republic is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide yesterday and today! 

Old Republic released  at least 5000 unassigned paying BPOs to the their system last night, Chase and Fannie Mae from my bird..see the bigger picture its not $30 dollars per, its $600 dollars to drive to places for 2-3 hours.... This is a tip to make money...our firm is not affiliated with Old Republic in any form or shape.......also don't call and moan/curse out/threaten me about disclosing it your fellow Realtors..rude Chicago guy...and downright obnoxious Los Angeles broker....(lol, I have caller ID)..I'm actually a born and bred New Yorker so I know how to swear as well...

Anyway, our brokers tell us that OR is desperate because most agents have left their offices for the Labor Day holiday,  so the ones that are still in town working in your respective markets are making some more money than they normally would...with Order volume dropping like a stone every little bit helps...

Seriously don't call me to complain about revealing this information....

Your welcome 

Joey Singh
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If you do BPO's then you know no one else can complete the BPO than you so how will you use this??? I don't think that it works. 

I do not understand what your question is.

There is a new website portal that Old Republic uses that agents sign up for and it is a small fee to get BPO from them. The do assign REOs after a certain amount. It used to be 10 a couple of years ago. If you or anyone else in the group has a link to the website I would appreciate it.

Good Afternoon,

Can you place a link to the new Old Republic website that they use for BPOs?

Thank you, Joseph.


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