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9/24-9/27 Mainstreet Val/BPO Ful is going nuts with orders- Joey Singh 917-859-4400

9/24-9/27 Mainstreet Val/BPO Ful is going nuts with orders- Joey Singh 917-859-4400

Mainstreet is going nuts with orders Florida, NY, NJ, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle  markets from what we see

Mainstreet is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide yesterday and today!

Mainstreet released  at least 7700 unassigned paying BPOs to the their system last night and today, Freddie orders from my bird..$45 Dollar orders...This is a tip to make money...our firm is not affiliated with Corelogic in any form or shape

Seriously don't call me to complain about revealing this information....

Your welcome 

Joey Singh
Ameritax BPO Inc. 
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I was waiting for you to announce this


 I just got about 20 orders from them in the Chicago area, but after finding out That they do not pay, I email them and cancelled the orders, I will not work for any compies no longer that cannot pay in 15 days

if they have all of these orders why can't they pay the BPO Realtors..


From my experience Mainstreet is a reputable company that pays out like clockwork.  The downside is they are about 60 days out on payments.  I don't mind waiting the extra days because they have higher rates than most other companies. 

I am glad that you think Mainstreet is a reputable company but must admit I have a different opinion.  The fees they are showing on the BPO's they send in where I live are way below every other company I work with.  Most of their orders are $20.00 and the same ones are sent out over and over because no one will accept them.  After a time they may up the fee but not by much.  It has also taken them much longer to pay me.  The last time I waited approximately four months.  I do not work for them anymore because I accepted an order and when I went on to fill out the form was extremely surprised to see that the fee was twice what I was being paid.  Called to inquire about this and spoke to the Manager who was nasty and unprofessional.  She refused to give me the fax number so I could send her the page and kept insisting she did not see the same thing on her screen.  She then said she was assigning the BPO and hung up on me.  I then found out she deleted my membership.

I agree with John, I have done BPO's for Mainstreet in MS and have been paid promptly and they pay me my requested fee of 75.00 to 100.00 everytime. (I know things are different in rural areas for pay).  I am sorry that you ladies have had a bad experience with them!!!

I do not live in a rural area.  I have never received a BPO for a fee anywhere near $75.00.  When I have requested a fee they do not agree to give me what I want.  In fact the last time I received a BPO when I signed in to do the paperwork the amount of the fee had been changed to twice what I was to be paid.  When I spoke to the Manager she refused to give me her fax number so that I could send her the page.  All she kept doing was telling me that she did not see the same information.  Then she got real nasty and said she was going to reassign the BPO, cancelled my membership, etc.  When I called to inquire why she did this she again was nasty and hung up on me.  Glad you are not having problems.  I work for too many other companies to have to take this abuse.

I did 6 BPO's today, and put on about 200 miles, they paid, 50, 85, 75, 125.00, 100.00, and 125.00.  It will take me the next couple of days working on them, but that's ok, I enjoy driving and enjoy being about to be at home to complete them.  I started out with 3 as I brought my dog to the vet, and picked up 3 more on the route. Very rural area.  Recently I was paid $165.00 by Protect and Service Link for the same order 2 months apart, one was an interior.  Of course the Ferry Ride, was $37.00 rd trip, ( a small island on Lake Superior).


Is Mainstreet owned by Corelogic?


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