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Anyone remember this company from a few years ago?  Scamming agents for a $295 sign up fee and not providing listings.  Good news! I got a check today from Illinois Attorney generals office for the amount of the sign up fee.  I filed a complaint with them a few years ago and looks like it paid off.  Hopefully most of you have filed  complaints as well.  Anyone else received anything?

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This is awesome. I am going to showcase your thread.


Great job Tony! There are so many companies out here, and its hard to know if they are scams. I will forward this information over to my network.

Good for you!!

Hi Tony,

I got scammed on this as well, would I just file a complaint with the attorney Generals office in California? I did submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau but nothing ever came out of it. These guys were definitely scammers, on top of it I think they "changed" there name to something else and then started the entire process over but the same people running it. Amazing how some of these people manipulate the market, luckily we have sites like these that educate other realtors so we can help each other through situations like these. Thanks for the post Tony.

What company was this? ABS stands for what? I know there were a few companies out there that scammed us.


Congratulations! I actually got them to return my money a few months after I terminated them. Now, what about their other entities - Banker REO and Footprints REO? 

Is it too late to make a claim and can I make a claim online? Thank you in advance.

I'm surprised they are still in business.  I would think a company like this would shut down once AG's start seeing complaints against them.  Good work Tony!

I believe you can submit a complaint online but it needs to be to the Illinois attorney generals office.  It was a few years ago that I did this so I actually had forgotten about it so I was surprised at getting a check in the mail today.  I'm not sure if its too late or not but might as well try!

I was shocked!! I just received my restitution check also from Illinois AG this past week-

Thanks for your great news!  I, TOO, got scammed in California, and sadly, also by Footprints RE, as well.  (Ok, please, I'm already bad-mouthing myself, no "I told you so").

Anyway, Tony and Amy I'd love to hear if you think this is re-coupable in California too.


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