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I jsut got a call from Absolute REO to join their network. Apparently they have no one in my area of CA. They want $295.00 per year with a guarantee refund if I am not happy.  Has anyone had dealinghs with them? Did it work out well or not. I hate to pay these people for work, it just seems wrong on so many levels to buy business this way. I really need so guidance here.

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Hi Arlyne, your state you can drink more than that just having wine with dinner, down here in Florida I'll get two dinners out of that!

How do I become a ARS Agent?

Due to the overwhelming response to our training courses, ARS is not currently adding new agents to our network. As future REO and BPO volume demands present themselves, the need to again open up the network may occur.
Stephen, it is great to hear that you guys are working on the site. Doing this through email seems a weird way to handle it. Sorry to hear that you have been in meetings for so long. You must be exhausted. I hope they were productive.
I sent you an email earlier today about one of the BPO's I am doing and since you have replied here I thought I would ask that you call me or email me so I can get some guidance from you.
I have high hopes after today so let's ge going on these...
Hi all - I too have recently spoke with a representative at Absolute REO. I've almost paid it twice now but each time have been hesitant. It sounds great but I'm a bit nervous. I understand we need to spend some money to make some money but I want to be wise in what I invest in. Recently I've paid for Res.Net, Equator, DispoSolutions and FAS. So paying another $295 is more than I want to even think about right now. The rep said he has clients in my area for me but I'm still unsure. As someone else already pointed out...I'd rather pay a referral fee.

Dunno....still up in the air.
Stephen Johnson told me a few weeks back to email him to discuss my frustrations I did, and I haven't receive an answer, but some of my friend in Maryland have been contacted by this company with the old script that an agent has retired and now they need to fill the spot, promise bpos and listings in the area but must pay first, my friends had asked me if this was a good company and I said to them the same thing that I say to all of the readers here, SAVE YOUR MONEY, this company just want your money, there are no listings or bpos.

To this day I have only seen one person in this network with an assignment from Absolute REO, Don't pay them there are some reputable companies that require a fee and will give you listings and bpos, but this company wont

Is there anywhere to research how many REO listings your company has referred out. I do see some mentions of BPOs in this discussion but none mentioning REO listings assigned. Also do you provide a list of clients we might have the potential of getting a listing from that work with your company. I sure you understand why their is so much frustration from agents out there. They have been burned by many pay companies which I dont want to mention any names, Asset Managing Services(AMS4REO). This is one of the great things about this great site that Jesse has put together. Agents can out companies and people that do take advantage of agents willing to pay to play. Hard working agents looking for a break to be part of REO business. Attending many conferences, attaining many designations, filling out countless applications. All for nothing. They never get the chance to get to bat. Hopefully your company is different.
Hi Stephen, I sent you another message today, I now you are spend a lot of time here, and I know my asset managers don't have the time to be here soliciting business because they are very busy with their properties.
I am waiting for the assignments that you promise and since you keep trying to add agents that means that you have lots of inventory to give all the agents that you keep soliciting in this forum.
To REOPRO Members: If you have received a REO Assignment from Absolute REO, please go the Absolute REO Group here on our REOPRO Website and let everybody know. Disclosure: I am not affiliated in anyway with Absolute, I'm just a regular REO Broker in Tampa area and I have not joined Absolute REO yet.
Has anyone that paid this fee requested a refund? If so how did that go?


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