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Has any one dealt with this company and had any good results??

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I agree with you, Carol. These are good forums to gather information & opinions. Paid the RESNET fee, have done mulitple free BPOs for USRES - zero results as of today. Paid Absolute REO - did a quickie BPO thru an inactive document that went to Stephen Johnson. I did get paid promptly on the BPO, but no other orders or actions at this time. Titanium is very active with assignments, pay promptly, no REO activity (yet?). Have paid the Excellen REO, and hoping for the best.

Courtney Peace Hagins ABR CDPE HRC
Hilton Head Island, SC
Good work Mark .... on investigating further. Everyone of you who paid the $295, should call their credit card company and get your money back. You need to inform them, that the company did not deliver what you paid, or how they are doing it in scamming people. Good Luck!
Problem is they say within 1 year. The credit card company is not going to reimburse.
I received my first BPO last week. For the record it IS in NOD. There is a good chance that it will become a listing in two more months.
I will keep you all posted.
That is too bad Sandra. 1 year is a long time in trying to get one's money back. At least the information is on record with the credit card company. They do monitor companies abusing credit cards.

David, I don't know if you realize it, but NOD is found on RealTrac,,, .... etc. They can pick any NOD from those websites for you to do the job. NOD owners can do a loan modification or be listed on the MLS, which would be a BPO for a Short Sale. These items as well as pre-auction (foreclosure department with the lender), refi, purchase and REO will require BPO. I do all of these assignments for the 3rd party companies.

I'm waiting for the day when lenders will refuse to work with companies that do not pay Realtors for their time and effort in doing BPOs. I believe it is dishonest for not paying a person, when they were instructed to pay someone to do the job. Only the best companies will survive, if the lenders can figured out which companies have professional standards. ... In other words, if I was a banker, I would not hire a company to handle my assets, if they do not pay people they hired. Just mean trouble and problems.
Sally, I do realize NOD's are found in several places. Just to let you all know; my office has an escrow co. in it and the escrow officer also signed up about six months ago. She received her first escrow yesterday.
Anyone hear about these guys? Absolute Partners Inc

Here is the website.
We should invite the rep for Absolute to come on this forum and answer some of these questions. I was approached here on Reopro and did go to their website, signed up and .... POP goes the ??? at the end the $295 is introduced to me! Well at that point I logged out and felt like a fool for putting my information on this site, since it was not obvious and upfront about the fee. I mean I may have signed up had I known this from the start because their site does look good and feels real. But when that fee popped up, I backed out. When the rep called me, I told him the same thing and also that I was not interested. Been scammed once --shame on the company that did it; get scammed twice ---- shame on me! No thanks.
Steve I signed up with you in Sept, I paid the $295, I called you in Sept, Oct and Nov. and you always promise to call back, keep me in mind, etc. I haven't hear from you, not even a Holiday card, or Happy New Year, but you have called other agents in my office and other agents in my area with the same script "One agent in you are retired and we have a spot for you"
I have not call you since Nov. because I have been busy doing bpos and listing for legit asset management companies and lenders who have inventory to assign.
When are you going to refund my $295, if you are a legit company and you can't provide listings in my area because you don't have the business, please have the integrity to refund my $295
Stephen, I do appreciate your response. And let me just say that I was not looking for negative about your company, I was looking for someone to tell me it was OK. I really have not found that one agent that has had business with you. I see some say 1 or 2 BPOs and then nothing. So what I am saying or asking is, if this is what an agent is going to get after they pay the $295, just say that. I bet you would still get some agents that sign on.

But honestly, I am presently looking for business. I have been warned about paying for memberships - because most do not pay off. Getting 1 or 2 BPOs is still leaving the agent in the hole of over $200. While that may not seem like much, when you start to add up all the sites that promise work and do not give out any... it all adds up, plus it is certainly not good for our motivation. This business needs motivation... making sound decisions is a huge part of us feeling we are moving in the right direction and that direction is leading us to success.

While I will not know your business, I do have a right to research it and question if it is the right decision for me to join. Forums like this is the place that I use. Then I make my own mine up. Yes, there have been times that I have read "some" negative comments about a company and still went on and paid. So because I searched for what others are saying is no sign that I won't pay when I do not feel totally good about doing it.

I did not see the $295 fee until I had finished signing up. I really did not see it and I reviewed your site. It would have been easy to spoke with a tab that read "prices, membership benefits, cost to you" or something like that. I think that is where we all fell with our mouth open.... fee at the end, no list of benefits, no options to chose, no hint of membership fees" at least not obvious to me.

I felt complimented that as soon as I signed onto REOpro I received that email that you were looking "in my area" and gave me hope that I had found another asset management company that I could get business from. I wasn't necessarily looking for free. I look for the benefit to me and my business. It sounded good until that fee came at the end. At the beginning, I might have paid and not even did my research!

To answer your question: when I market my business, I make sure I say we charge for this or that. And I also gladly tell them there are no upfront fees. Most consumers want to know what something is going to cost them before they go and give out their information to you! So why not let that known -- right up front? I mean coming out with a list of fees is not cool, if you are talking to someone,.... but on a website, its easy to LIST YOUR FEES visuable for all to see. Give a hint... say MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS, PRICES or something like that. Not after you have the personal information of the agent. And then having a telemarketer call them with a "push" script and promise. Not cool -- at least not to me.

Of course, you know this is just my 2 cents, you run your business the way you want. Not here to change your business, but I am here to ask questions about how ABS will benefit me and my business and is it worth me to pay the $295 and hope that I get business within a year! In this market, in this business.... I have to ask myself am I willing to WAIT for 1 year to see if this company is going to send a REO or two my way? And what will be the benefit in waiting around for that or just loosing the money. I'd rather give it to a charity than to gamble like that!

Again, thanks for the response. Please don't beat up on me for other agents' opinions. Addressing my concerns is appreciated. I won't give up on ABS, but I will ask that you approach me when you have definite business in my coverage areas -- since you now have my information on file.

And Stephen thank you for softening your response. That is very much appreciated. I do not believe that any agent want to miss out on an opportunity as well as you or I. Questions to me are good because it shows that we are interested, just have questions.

I think it would be a great service to the REOpro audience as well as the ActiveRain members if you would try to get with Jesse and bring your company out in a positive way - as it should be. I am sure the members here will join with me to get the word out that all the agents need to do is join in on a radio webinar and learn about your company. You may get the support you are looking for.

Again, thank you and on behalf of the members that spoke out -- I believe we were all looking for positive answers and we wish you the best in moving forward on a positive note.

Stephen, why do you need to charge a fee. I am signed with several asset managers and no one charge me a fee and I am getting work already from some of them.


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