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Has any one dealt with this company and had any good results??

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The rep called me as well and says he is my Asset Manager. I have yet after 18 years to be called by an asset manager to join the group and as soon as I pay he will send listings my way....HUGE red flag.
I gave them $300 last year and recived nothing. They changed their w-mail address as well

Call your credit card company and see if you can get your money back for service not provided. Most people who signed up did not verify the information on their website. The listings are fake. It is mostly short sale listings or listings under a different agent's name. Those who signed up, should of verified the listings with the agents on their webiste (do a search on the MLS for the agent's contact info). Find the listings on the MLS. You will find that it is listed with a different Listing Agent who has the listing. Both agents do not know anything about the listing on Absolute REO websites. It is a total SCAM.

Right now, they are tricking real estate agents and the credit card companies by giving you a BPO to do - Most likely fake BPO. They pay you $50 or $100 from the $295 you paid them. They keep the rest of the money..
Sounds like what they did to me. They gave me a BPO at the time I signed up and I havn't heard anything from them yet. No listings in my area. I shouldn't have signed up.
I agree!
I'm glad I read this post. I just received two phone calls this week from an "Asset Manager" from Absolute REO. I'm not so sure if I'll call them back.
I just got a call from them too and wonder if it is a scam.
I have requested a full refund from Gary at ABS this morning.
I dont have a good feeling about all this.
I think I got duped!
I was just contacted by Absreo to become a property prez contractor for them I aslo was informed that the fee is $295.00 for a year this is what I was sent about there Refund I am not sure I am willing to pay to be added to a list in hopes a realtor needs my services when I see on several sites that not many if any realtor is recieving listings signed NIPS UNSURE to do or not to........mmmmm

Here is the Refund option

By signing up with us you instantly receive a wealth of tools to use at your disposal. You get customizable forms which you can customize with your information and logo. The forms you get include, but are not limited to, all forms associated with the disposition of REO properties, BPO forms for both Fannie and Freddie loans, a Short Sale package with everything you need to handle short sales and a modification package with everything that you need to start doing modifications today. These are tools that are customizable and at your disposal. In addition to the tools provided we also offer you the opportunity to list your properties on our website. This essentially provides another marketing venue for you aside from just listing them on the MLS. Our website is constantly being advertised to both Realtors ™ and Consumers. This will add exposure to your listings and could provide for speedier sales. Finally, we are constantly working with Banks, Credit Unions and Private Lenders throughout the United Statesto help them manage and dispose of their REO properties. While we cannot guarantee any time lines on when you will get an assignment , know that we are working diligently on providing you with a assignment as soon as one is available. Should nothing become available in your particular geographic location, we will continue renewing your membership without a fee until you do get work from us. The other option they have is to be refunded after a 12 month period. We look forward to a long and productive relationship."
Alex Bolotin
Jr Asset Manager
Absolute REO Solutions
Oh come on Melinda!! What do you mean you do not know what to do? It should already be obvious by reading all these post, and I am sure if you google other forums you will see similar results. Don't let the saying "A sucker is born every minute" apply to you. Instead take that money and send out some flyers to various Realtor offices in and around your area.
I do see all the post and have inquired about the company online and have not found any good things about this company. I am NOT going forward with the business relationship with this company. I hope others read this post and their refund policy along with all the messages about this subject and choose not to get onboard with them. I have inquired to area outlets as to the need for my services and have not been successful YET. I am still on the lookout for a break in the lull.
I just emailed these guys about getting a refund and Stephen Johnson is no longer with ABS. This guy posted on the first of this forum backing them up. I think its getting close that these guys are going under.


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