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Here are a couple of links that suggest these people are a scam...

I think I will pass on this one too...

Too good to be true... probably is...

Mary Ellen

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I stand corrected and thanks... after awhile it all runs together; however, when you read on.. there is a Realtor commenting the similarities of another possible scam to Absolute Reo Solutions being similar...("comment is in quotes below from Trulia link").

"There is another company called Absolute Reo Solutions that sound almost just like them. They charge almost the same fee, and say that they also put the utilities in their name. Look up the listings on their website on your mls and see if they are actually foreclosed properties, or properties that the agent is advertising on their website."

Anyhow, the moral to the story here is ... do your homework before investing any money in your business to make sure it's a wise investment. And it's also great to be able to ask other professionals if they have had any experience with these companies.

Mary Ellen
10/20/2009 I signed up.
No activity. I emailed Steven asking about work 4/29/2010
Nothing! I emailed Steven and Gary and asked them for a full refund and removal from there vendor list.
Nothing! 5/3/2010 I emailed Gary. Requesting a full refund and removal from vendor list.
I finally hear something, it’s a BPO order form Steven, and I immediately return the email via my Blackberry. Requesting a full refund ASAP and removal from the vendor list. Informing Steve that I will not accept this BPO. And I still have no communication nor do I have the refund requested that was assured to me.
I know I have been taken advantage of, and after this I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did.
Hi Everyone,

It was brought to my attention that Absoluate REO Solutions has 7 Forums threads working so, in an effort to keep everyone on the same page, i am going to close this discussion thread and refer everyone to the more active thread below.


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