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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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I signed up with this company on May 4th, paid my $295.00 and have not been able to contact them again. I have emailed and left messages. The same day they took my money I asked if any agents in my area had REO listings with their company and I never got an email or phone call back. I did not return my contract and have tried to get a refund since.

They have an F with the Better Business Bureau and have been revoked. Hope you didn't throw your money away.

I am going to my bank tomorrow and having them get my money refunded.


I did the same thing and my bank is working on refund. i did get an email from them saying they were sorry i couldn't join them at this time. so i sent that email to my bank. just leave a message with ABSREO and tell them you cannot work with them at this time and want your money back. i think they are used to this by now. Good Luck.
PS i also copied all these comments and sent them to my bank about all the agents that have been screwed by ABSREO.with my dispute form from my bank.
I went through this w/ them early last yr....( I  got my $$ back )..... and have watched as this forum has grown from 20--- to 470 comments or so....... I think we should all change this conversation to how they can be SHUT DOWN>>>>period<....... That would be a great karma for all of us........lollolololol.
AMEN!!!! we can all file a complaiont at My bank gave me this addy good luck to us.
I am writing a letter to my bank today for dispute and will receive a refund in 2-3 business days while it is being disputed. Thankfully. I am giving them a copy of this forum and also the Better Business Bureau page that shows this company has been Revoked and they have an F on their report for their poor business practices. I am also looking into filing a complaint with the DA's office at their location. This company is committing fraud and taking money away from hard working Agents and their families and it has to stop now! Thank you for your help!
DA, good idea. thx
Karen, I am glad that you got your money back with not to many issues. What I am curious about is if you did any type of research regarding this company before signing up? Also what sold you on the idea of joining this company and looking back is there something you saw now that you did not see then? Thanks in advance for any possible input you can provide.


Not to get in to too many details, but in short, I thought at the time I had every reason to believe what the Rep was telling me on the phone was true as I had applied to a few reputable companies within the past year and the name sounded familiar. I thought it was another company.  But when I got to a computer later and looked up the name I realized it was a company I had actually rejected doing business with about a year prior because I was able to research prior and found all the negative comments about. The information the rep gave me was complete false and bogus and dishonest.But at the time of the phone call I was away from my office and was actually excited as I thought it was one of the other reputable companies I  had actually applied to work with. I did not put 2 and 2 together. When I tried to contact the rep back and ask if any agents in my area were working with them and who and if they had any listings through them, he did not email me back and did not return phone calls. So big red flag. I immediately requested a refund with no response and did not sign or return my contract and still no call back to find out where that was. They got their money and that's all that mattered. Sad that companies like this are allowed to continue to prey on people who are looking to earn an honest living.

Hello to you all....

I also fell for it about one year ago and the day after I called my credit card company and told them I wanted to cancel this. I believe I used American Express which pretty much fights for their customers. It took a few days but I did get my money back without any name calling and the like.....We all need to be so careful these days!

I really wanted to believe in these people..been with them for 2 years. Maybe was a good idea but never really got going. Easy to talk to but never a listing...a bpo or 2... almost  kinda like another asset company that was supposed to be big but ... oh further comment.  Like Johnnny I keep calling them for followups.  
I actually got a BPO earlier this week.


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