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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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You WONT get anymore bpos....... I expect one of the guys ( there are only 2) to make a post soon and say how wrong I am or mis-informed...... or incorrect....... and that they are starting up any minute..... When I asked for my money back I was advised it had only been 5 months or so since I started and they were getting ready start sending listings. oh yeah, I never asked for it formally-- well.... is there a format?? Or can I just state it publically, like I'm doing rt here,,,,,,,...blah blah. I asked for it , its pretty obvious I'm unhappy.... gee a refund would be the first thing I 'd send me rather than Blah Blah blah. I cant even remember what contrary crap he wrote.........they came to this site..... and tried to dis-arm my complaint. and OTHERS.. as they have to anyone who complains... the fact is...I doubt any of us will see our refunds.... am sure I WONT and I will launch quite a few blogs.... and posts,,,,,, and comments all over dodge to attempt to protect anyone else considering them...( actually- already have saved a few souls...... If I were them, I would give me my money back and kick me out... JUST to SHUT ME UP ......Yo, absolute reo... we are strong in NUmbers... u shouldnt PLAY w/ us like u do..... I believe you both should be kicked out of this forum for fraud.....
Well Steve if you can read these messages, I expect something
eles to happen by the end of MAY OR AS WELL would like a FULL REFUND...THANKS
-our business has more uncertainty now more than ever.
If it helps, I can respond to your prior question about what companies to join (for BPO) if you want to email me. I am in TX though but I would think the work would be more in CA. I think many of thes co's are actually on the REOPRO list.
-I personally do BPO's for several companies that pay me around 5-10 days and no fee to register, start getting orders right away. Perhaps with a few of these you can at least recoop some of what you've spent here and be added to their data base for future REO listing assignments.
-The general consensus I am getting from my AM's is that REO is slow right now and not many REO listing assignments other than FNMA and FrMc.
-I spoke to one AM yesterday after a HAFA class and she thinks Short Sales are going to be Huge; she said last year she ahd about 25,000 REO and now she has 13,000.
---just trying to help...;-)

PS. Steve, just curious: are you on commission?

PSS. Garret, I am still waiting... ;(
Email me and I'll get back with you with some info that may help you.
Hi the absolute reo called me and I am wondering if it is a scam?
read the blogs and make a informed decision
I just got this call also and I am in San Diego. Let me know if you found out anything.
Dont waste your money.......

Hi Stacey,


I'm in San Diego County also.  I just got a call from them today too.  It was a long time ago since I believe that I found them, but never signed up and when he called I couldn't remember from before but I had already researched this forum probably over a year ago and saw the negative remarks.  Thanks to the forum.  He told me today that they had no agents in San Diego N. County and now they were just signed up w/ Wells Fargo (yeah right!)  I have it on the good word of two people in the industry that the top 5 institutions w/ loans in CA are not releasing ANY REO's in CA or NV (that includes Wells).  A few days later this same thing was confirmed by to me by another asset mgr that works for one of the top 5 when I questioned him on it.  Have you heard that?  And, did you ever sign up with Absolute?  Hopefully not... 



Great thread.  I received a call today also stating they had a BPO for me to complete today in Georgia. The representative tried to get me to concur telephonically on the fee! I said no ;email me so I can go over the information. That is why I am responding on this blog because I knew I had seen this name on this forum before.  Just wanted to confirm my suspicions. I will not be joining Absolute REO Solutions.  
I signed up with them mid March. So far I have only received 1 BPO...I've spoken with them and they said they next listing in my area will be ming...I'll let you know if I get it.
I signed up about a month ago with this company. Was under the impression that they wanted to send me a listing after I finish the bpo. Paid the $395, did the bpo , received the $50 for performing the bpo but no listing.
I don't think that this company is sending any agent listing.
I emailed the company 2 days ago to cancel my subscription and refund monies paid. No reply yet.

I know that there is a lot of negative posts on this company and nothing positive. Someone made a comment last week, and I agree, that the moderator and owner of this group should step in and make some comments on this issue. If they are in fact a scam they should be barred from the group.


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