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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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Thanks everyone for taking one for the team. You all saved me and probably a lot of other agents from wasting $295.
I spoke to Stephen D. Johnson personally the other day and he was very efficient in resoving my issues with ABS.
I did sign up as the invitation came from a Member of REOPRO. They said new assignments for my area would come on the week of December 5th, 2009 Im still waiting....
As Realtors, we are bound to disclosure. REO companies should disclose and provide proof of the states, regions, counties, etc that they are conducting business in. Failure for an REO company to disclose this information may be an indication that the company is charging Realtors for fees unnecessarily. This gives the Realtors an opportunity to judge whether it is a company to give hard-earned money to.

Courtney Peace Hagins ABR CDPE
RE/MAX Island Realty
Hilton Head Island, SC
Courtney....REOPro / RealtyPilot partnership is unique in that we do just what you are asking for through the Activity Counter. Unfortunately, as you know, it's not a requirement for them (AMC's / Asset Management Companies) to disclose that information and in many ways, I beleive it's doing themselves a disservice by not doing so.

I can't really comment on ABSREO as I don't have a relationship with them however, this forum did get me thinking and I did contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to find they did have a "A" rating and the only complaint ever filed, the BBB sided with ABSREO.

As always, do your reasearch on whatever company you join and be sure you understand what they are offering because personally, I can tell you that many people get confused very easily no matter how dilligent the AMC is at disclosing.

I have had to learn this the hardway personally as many of you have seen the blog on REOPro that land blasted me and then in another blog apologiezed to me. That whole debacle was because of misunderstanding on how my new partnership was going to work with RealtyPilot and, in fact....because apparently I haven't been clear enough, I am doing another BlogTalkRadio Show today just to clear up things.

My point is, misunderstandings do happen and maybe we should all step back and take a look at how ABSREO is handleing them. From this forum, it appears Stephen Johnson is taking care of business, at least with those things that are brought to his attention.
Thank you, Jesse, for your comments. I agree with you.

Whether it is ABSREO or any other company, I think we should continue to encourage and urge agents to be deligent in there research of the AMC's. Ask questions - example, what city is the AMC doing business in, how many agents are already signed for this area, etc.etc. etc. The more each of us, individually ask these questions, the better. If the AMC does not take the time to respond, then you may very well have the answer - probably not conducting in that area.

I needlessly spent too much money the past year with AMC's and other programs (for example paying for AM lists) because I am so eager and want my own REO listings & business (I worked as a team member for another Broker and am now on my own). Thanks to you, Jesse, and all the other agents in REO PRO, I am becoming more familiar with the process. Now I want to try to help other agents, too, to save their money and spend wisely only with companies that they will most likely see a return of their investment in.

Kindest regards,
Courtney Peace Hagins ABR CDPE
RE/MAX Island Realty
Hilton Head Island, SC
Hi to all of you. I was also contacted last night by email.
The first thing I noticed was at the very bottom of the email there was a subdomain name "uphero".com.

I googled it. Norton says it is a threat to your computer. Therefore, instead of responding from within my email, I went to their website and sent them a message from there. Sure enough, they respond that they did in fact send me a message. Not only that, the man called me and we spoke for about 30 minutes. Yes, they want our money, and yes, they did give me the "guarantee". I ask myself what if they won't be in business after one year? How do we get our money back? Said he had one bpo for me in my area and that they do mainly bpo, tax liens and they are involved with small credit unions.
RUN LIKE THE WIND... SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!-- These guys are not giving out references, and dont hve bank listings...... and will talk over you , around you and under you, and speak nebulously..... we all got the 1st bpo-- thats probably how they fullfill " "their" part about giving you business.... therefore you probably won't qualify for your refund..... be very carefull...these guys are good talkers... they have a ton of responses ready for you and none of them verifiable......... they won't let up till they get your $$$$....................... I lost mine back in oct 2009........ I am certain I won't get it back.. they keep telling me I have to wait till october....... lololololol......., right........ -------- I hope I can help you decide........... be careful and read all the threads...... they're all pretty bad......., absreo will tell you that the threads are written by people that are not signed up w/ them...... just read them... you'll see where they come from!!!.... be careful, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!! Rose
Yes, I was told he had one bpo N.O.D. for me that could turn into a listing, and that they would give me $50 for it. I had a strange feeling about it. I made the mistake of signing up, then felt it was wrong. I called American Express right away. They said legally they have to wait until it posts to my account, then file the complaint. I also emailed ABSREO and told them I changed my mind. Gave them a good reason but did not tell them everything I knew.
American Express does fight tough for you. I am counting on that.
I signed up 6 moths ago and two weeks ago they promised I would have an assignment by the end of this year. Nothing yet, so I decided to look them up on the BBB. They have an "A" rating. They are a new company and I believe they will be good but it just takes time to get things rolling. If their plans of limiting the amount of agents per zip code holds true, then this could be a good thing. I will keep you all posted as to what happens.
David, It is now 6 months from your posting. Any listing from company?
I just recently, as in no more than an hour ago, was on the phone with one of ABS's agents and as each of you mentioned was asked for the $295 in addition to being offered the 1-year guarentee. Luckily, I was reviewing this blog before comitting however I did want to mention that I looked up the agent I was speaking too on Linked In. Well on Linked In, this person states he's an account executive in Chicago for a company called ACI? Now it's possible the post on Linked In is old, but I have to admit it did cause reason for me to raise an eyebrow. Especially since the name Aaron Minnema didn't appear to be to common on Linked In (only 1 listing) and it happened to be in Chicago (same city as corporate offices for ABS). Just thought I'd share my findings.


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