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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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I asked them for a REFUND.... its been, hmm... work from them AND... no response to my last email.... (actually the first time I asked for it, I recvd a bpo......)....i LIVE IN FT.LAUDERDALE fL... home OF THE FORECLOSURE...... if I havent recvd reo's from them by now...... I wont////////now I just want my money one seems to want to honor their refund policy......or answer emails "asking for a refund""" I will be asking monthly till theyve held my money for a yr....... maybe thats the trick.... they keep your cash for a YEAR>>>>>..... and then boot u out of the system... change there address and comeback as another company in 90 days....... yeah... am ticked...., maybe if I go to ALL the REO sites/blogs and tell everyone what is happening to me... they'll pay me to shut up.... hmmm... worth a shot............
Do it
I say this respectfully--- but, I am not on the same boat. I feel it is irresponsible to take money for 6 months..... offer a bpo to console me..... then pretend there is no responsibility for my inclination/belief abouts absreo... based on your response...... I have to say.... it takes 2 to be in love..... anything else is less than real.... or neurotic-insane - in other words, your a great "massager" as they call them in the marketing world- you are talented............. at this point , I am willing to take my chances with favorable odds that I can do better w/ my $295.00..... than your company can do for me, at this point.
Please return my monies, pls advise what I have to do to get it back....
Thank YOU!
I finally received my first BPO from ABS. This did not happen until I had sent an email and complained. I did receive a call from Sal who immediately looked up info in my area and said yes they did have some BPOs in my area. I must say it was unlike any other BPO I have ever completed. Very little info was asked for and there was no means of submitting photos. In fact, there was no payment mentioned on the email order. I did a little checking and sure enough the property does have an NOD filed on it.

When I asked about their web site and not being able to search any listings, Sal told me they are working on the site. If you hover over a state it tells you there is a number of listings. In California it shows there are 35 listings however I cannot get to them and see where they are. If I search for listings in California, the result comes back stating "There are currently no listings, please check back often as our inventory is constantly expanding". has anyone been able to look at any listing?

Another thing I find interesting is the fact that this company appears to be run by only 2 people...Stephen & Sal. Where is their support staff?

I have already paid my $295 so I will continue to pursue business from them.
I have been signed up for almost 6 months and nothing. Not even a BPO. We are assuming we will get our money back.
I got an email from them from this post, saying I was only 3.5 months joined, my mistake, and that I should see listing in the next 30 days. So we will see. I have to wait til Dec to get my money back, but I am getting tired of paying to join and never recieving stuff. I tend to stick with the companies that don;t charge and want quality agents. I tend to jump thru hoops and go out of my way for the companies that give me listings and have a referral fee. Assetlink, First American, Fannie, Freddie, all those I will go above and beyond for. I also take their tough cases because they are a constant source of business. This one is a wait and see.
I paid the cash and haven't received anything to date..... And by the way I am in no way associated with them even though we have similiar names!!!!

I received a call from them today, Said that they had a listing in my area and they would like to send it to me with in 72 Hours.
They then informed me regarding the $295 fee and the guarantee that I could cancel and my money would be refunded if I did not receive any listings. I went ahead and signed up , but if I do not receive the listing as promised in the next few days I intend to cancel the charges on my AX.

There is a lot of fraud in this business, but they did sound very convincing.
I got the call and and email back in October and then paid the money. Haven't heard a word since they took the money! I wouldn't hold my hopes high for any sort of refund OR business. Chalk it up. It is buyer beware out there these days!
Tron, I am glad that you are totally satisfy with AREO Solutions I don't know why you are so sure that is a legitimate company you don't know if they will send more business your way, good for you if you are happy with that. I have not seen so many agents talk and be frustrated about any other Asset Manager but this one. I call AREO Solutions many times and I have not got any response. I want my money back and Stephen is not calling me back.

The reason why I satisfied, is because I understand investments. I understand there are good & bad investments. I chosed to invest $295 in ABSREO and I'm expecting a return on my investment. The real estate industry has changed and the foreclosure process has been extended due to Federal Regulations. I can speak for California, because I have seen short sales on the market for over a year without a NOD filed. I'm sure we have all seen short sales on the market for over a year or longer. The REO industry isn't like it used to be since the Federal Regulations.

I have notice the frustration, but that doesn't bother me. I made a decision because I believe in long term relationships. I'm also a leader and don't follow the crowd. Everyone will always have different experiences and results. Its not my job to bash anyone or any company. If I have a problem with anyone or company, I always go directly to the source. REOPRO is not the source! I would advise anyone to go directly to the source if they are not satisfied.

I am waiting patiently for a great return on my $295 investment. This investment will be a bonus to my real estate business. I still have to commit to myself, my family, my clients, and my real estate business.


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