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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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Have you had any success in "letting them know every week to remind them I'm on their agent list"

Did you get any listings?   -

Have they lived upto heir word?  Did you get your refund?

Have you had any luck so far?
Any listing yet? I just received a call from them today. Im in California.
Hi Zana
I received an email from this company and I am in California. Have you received any listings?
Johny, Did you ever get any listings from them? Them meaning absolute reo?
According to their map, they have NO lsitings in any state that I can find. I was told about 3 weeks ago the web site was not working properly and they were working on it. I have received and have been paid for 1 BPO.
I see that you are sending a correspondence to them each week to remind them that you are on their list. Is this working with these companies? I really am at a loss as to how and what they are looking for as far as getting work from them. I have created a great BPO/REO marketing brochure but I don't know what to do with it. I want the business but don't know what works and who to get it to or who I may aggravate which in turn will make me further from getting business. Oh my gosh I just realized that this post is way way old! However I am going to respond anyway. Maybe now you have even more insight for me. I am new to the BPO/REO world but desperately want in:) Thanks for any info you can provide!
Did you get any listings ?  Did you get your refund?

Hi Magda, I posted back in Oct 2009 that I thought this was a scam and decided I would not sign up. 

I have had over 250 responses and they keep coming!  This posting has saved a lot of folks from being duped. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.   Thank you!  Bob


I think your post has been the most popular of all time.  Thanks for posting.

I submitted the online application to them on Friday and balked at the page to sign up for $295. Today they called and wanted the $295 before assigning me a User ID and PW. When asked how many listings they have available in the zipcodes I submitted, that info could not be shared with me at this time because I did not have a User ID and PW. Crazy !!!

The clerk mentioned 3 times on the call "we do not take any commision from you". She also stated if a REO listing is not offered in 1 year, the $295 fee is credited back to you. Not sure I will go forward with this unless others from this board has had a positive experience with them.


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