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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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ok let me correct myself i recieved the same call paid the money recieved a BPO the next day got paid fairly quick that was back in April it is now the end of July and I have not heard or scene of anything new revolved
Hopefully reimbursements are coming for some agents who signed with ARS.
I got a REFUND from them after I hounded them like they hounded me to sign up! Be Persistent
Thanks Joseph. I get at least 2 or 3 calls from them each year and I always decline. They are persistant for sure. True Asset Management companies never solicit agents, we need to do our homework, find the good ones and send in our resumes. It's one difficult task to actually get through as they already have their seasoned agents on board with them. My tactic has been to do the absolute best BPO's and hope that eventually a customer will recognize me. After 7 yrs of doing quality, detailed reports, it happened. WOW!
I rec'd a "legit" email inviting me to partner with a company as a listing agent in my area. I had been recognized by one of their (our) customers as a premium BPO provider. I'm thrilled and can't wait to list my 1st REO property. We will see. lol
My point to everyone is that we don't pay to get listings, they must pay us. Right?
Good luck, I will keep you posted as to what transpires and possibly share some of my secrets with those hankering to get into the BPO world. Prepare to work.....HARD!!!!
I just got a call from ABSREO . Thanks to everyones posts, I now know what to do.
SCAM....Also anyone who wants to call credit card comapny can dispute this
fee! As well as "there 1 year return policy" they state to refund the money
so write to them to get your money back when it comes upon ONE YEAR!
I would also like a refund. I signed up a while ago and have not received anything from your company. Please contact me at for further communication regarding my refund.
Dee Bausch
I received an e-mail from Absolute REO Solutions, promising, and I quote " We will be able to provide you with your first assignment from our client within 24-72 hours." That sounds too good to be true. It reminds me of ABF,and their simlar promises. remember?
I got that seme email. I originally did all the sign up until I got to the $295 part. I asked for a copy of the "master listing agreement" before I would pay the $295. They never replied. After 2 days with no response, I emailed that I would hold off on the $295, and to remove me from further email solicitation. I then got a reply from Sal Rosco that they never got the query and would purge their records of all my info, not use me, won't send any more invitations.
Be really careful. I signed up and paid $295 and for one whole year I got no job from them. Now I am asking for a Refund which they promised when signed up, and does not seem they will refund the money.
They will not refund my money either!! Is there something we all can do like
complain to consumer affairs?? We all want a REFUND!
Any one do any business with LAMCO?
They are asking for 295.00 as well?
Just got the email from these guys and gmail correctly placed it into the SPAM folder where they belong.
After reading 28 pages of posts, I saw one agent who said he received a listing from them but did not post any subsequent followups.
If you are considering whether to spend the $295 on these guys, my advice is to find your nearest indian casino and bet the entire amount on either red or green at a roulette table. At least then you have a 50% chance of getting a return for your efforts....
While there are a few legitimate companies, (Like Bridge & USRES) who require a fee to sign up, it seems that most are designed to separate us from our money.
Thank God for Jesse & REOPro. Without it, many agents would now be $295 poorer.


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