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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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Just got a call from them tonight with "Work in my Zip Code".  Glad to see this post.  I will be sure to mention this post when they call me tomorrow.

They called me again......I guess he forgot........said he gave away the listing I would have gotten but he has another one coming up.....just needed my credit card 

I also recived the call today. Explained every thing to me and then ask for the money. Well I told him once you give me the listing you can have the money but not before. He told me that they have over 5000 agents sign up with them. If i change my mind I can call them....................Has any one had any listing from them?

I don't think anyone has, Zubaria. I'm in the Central Valley of California, where the REO market started, and received nothing but the token BPO from them.

They will give you your money back at the end of one year, since we aren't getting any listings, and actually we are gaining $50  for the token BPO and the $295.  This is the ONLY positive thing I have to say about this company.


Dear Industry Colleagues,

I believe in honesty and  trust.  I have been in real estate for 15 years and had paid for fees many times,to many  companies expecting they would provide referrals.   However, I was at the end of the rope - looking for some business and in the same situation were many of us who invested and had hope the light will appear from somewhere.

This company ABS Absolute REO - took advantage of the distressed realtors and offered REO Referrals IF we paid a fee.  We believed him -as I thhought would be part of Jesse's team or something similar....

 Like me,many of us have tried to obtain a refund without any result.

In my name and the name of those realtors who were victims of this deceptive practice I am reporting this company if a refund is not received within the next three days.  JOIN ME ON THIS CAUSE


Herewith copy of my email....

Herewith their emails:


To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''

Subject: RE: REPORTING TO ALL AGENCIES Refund *** REF: my emaill Jan 12,2011

 Regarding my email from Jan. 12th, 2011 - No check has been received.  as I said before, I WILL PROCEED. I WILL MAKE SURE GOES THRU AND ENFORCED!



" In the name of the many realtors as recorded in REOPRO who you promised business or refund, I will make sure this one gets thru and enforced.  Now not only for me, but to all Realtors You abused.

 Cordially,  Magda Robles


It is January 2011 - Over the 12 months period you promised to send business or refund the moneys.


Im herewith requesting my refund in the amount of $295.00 as per our agreement.  I had requested my refund in numerous occasions - Therefore this is the last one.

I expect to receive payment via check to: Magda Robles and send to my home address  

In the name of the many realtors as recorded in REOPRO who you promised business or refund, I will make sure this one gets thru and enforced.


I just wanted to mention again, that when I emailed Sal directly regarding a refund, I received my refund in the mail in a matter of days.  Thank you again for your professional response and timely manner in returning my refund. 

Good for you Monica,  Thats the way honest transactions should be.  Not to potpone with emails and excuses to wait if the realtors give up, because you know sometimes we give up chasing the refund as we are too busy making the system work.


Again, If you are owed a refund, make sure you obtain it.  That doesnt make them heroes, is just the least you could expect - If they joined 200 members they collected $58,000 - do the math .... 

Sorry Sir, sorry to deny it.   I have not spoken to anynody on the 13th until today when I sent you the email stating your check did not arrive and not to tell me it was lost in the mail and it was in California. 

Today I got the call to wait and I told you,  you have 3 days.  I will be waiting the arrival of the next day new check.   Until then.

I received an email from Sal stating the check was sent next day.  Checked Fedex tracking system and reads picked up. 

Hello everyone,

I wanted to confirm I did receive the FEDEX Check for the $295.00 reimbursement. 

Wishing you all lots of success, do NOT pay any fees of your hard earned money anymore to anyone....

Pay attention to those zip code registration sites for bpos too.  





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