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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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I applied  1 year ago and I did not get any work from them. This week they told me that I was getting my money back ( check in the mail) will see. This is a short version of what happened with this company. Do not pay any fee.
I signed up in August 2010, with a money back guarantee after a year if I didn't get any business from them.  I haven't had any assignments yet. I'm glad to hear that Graciela got her money back.
Yesterday, I got my check in the mail. Thank you Sal.

I noticed this question was dated September of 2009.

I'd like to know if anyone has since had a good experience with this company - Absolute REO Solutions.  They just called me with a listing in my area.  Of course, I would have to sign up and pay the $295 fee.  I could hear many people on the phone in the background like it's a boiler room, and my contact was reading a script to me.  So I'm very suspicious...


Yeah, but I hope you have noticed that the responses and updates from people are more recent. I am baffled how people still hold on to the hope that they are special and it will be different for them. They will be the one to receive a listing. Look and read and google this company and you will have your answer. Good luck.

ya it would be nice to get a refund of my money seems how i NEVER got a listing


All, that is a big scam and this is not the first time I see this post on the web.


Any BPO charge $50 (if you get it), the fee to register is $295. They make $245 on each of these deal. Better then Fannie Mae of other big banks payment of $110 to these companies.


Just be aware. Good luck. Muhammad

It is very obvious they do not have any listings to give, they blatantly lie to agents to get them to pay the fee. 
I signed up with them in January hope for some work.  I got 1 BPO near my office for $50 which I completed.  They property that I did the BPO on is set to go to auction next week.  We will if the lender takes it back or if it sells.  If it sell they claim that I will get the listing.  We shall see.  If not I am asking for a full refund.

Chris Andries/The Andries Team

I am interested to know what made you decide to sign up and pay the fee's to to company? Did you do any research on this company before committing? If so did the results that you found not set off Red Flags? I ask only because this has been going on for a while now and mostly ever other week or month there is somo poor soul who falls for the promise of listings/reo's and gives their money away.


Heck , just this post dates back to Sept of 2009......

I didn't sign up.  I told the rep that I would check out the company before making a decision.  I remembered reading something about them that was negative.  When I researched it I found the Sept '09 post that I replied to. 

Thanks to all for the quick responses! 

stay away from these guys..... 


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