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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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i haven't signed up yet but had the same experience as everyone else with someone calling having all the right answers to my questions. I was told that they had a BPO in my area which I would recieve within 48 hours after signing up. I told them to call me back on Monday. I wanted to research a little more. I really want this to be true but don't know if the chance is worth $300.

I really wish they would just ask an agent to come on here and give us proof. If I was working for them I would not have a problem at all with settling the doubt in my peers. Doesn't that seem like the logical thing to do. We all would sign up immediately if we had proof their advertisements are true.
I for one had sign up a few months and followed this group hoping to see the reaction of this forum. I wanted to say that I did indeed receive a BPO from ABSREO.

My take, they are legit working the default industry and soon the assignments will come. It's a matter of time.
I see a solicitation from Absolute as well. Reviews from a group I belong to are not good. However, I might talk to them and if they can provide me three references of agents who have had good dealings with them, I would make my own decision.

Bonnie David
I signed up and received a BPO the next day. The BPO was sent back to Absolute REO within 3 days but I never heard anything back from them. I contacted the company several times but received no reply. I am assuming that they are extremely busy to find more business.
I just joined and received my first BPO order withing 24 business hours!
I joined after being told there was an agent in Cleveland,Oh that had listings. (I neglected to ask if these were listings from ARS) There is no agent as of a few weeks ago in Cleveland. Had I used some common sense,which I guess I don't have any more,why would I fork over $295 to help a company get started??? this is basically what this is.One bpo for $295??? that's you paid for? My fault,I fell for their sales pitch but I am looking for more than 1 REO. Shoot if that reo is in the hood , the $295 may be about what the commision would be. I want a full board or I will not be accepting the next year free. I did receive an e-mail back from Gary Stewart saying "what he told me was, What I told you is that we are expanding into the area". That is NOT what he told me. I have no choice but to sit back and wait but at the end of the year I will be filing for a refund if I have no business from them, and I am not counting bpo's as business.
More work ?? I haven't heard from your company since I forked over the money. (except for an e-mail saying give you 1 year) I noticed some of these agents have been waiting since last summer, and some are getting excited about getting 1 bpo.
I am an REO agent in Illinois, which is the state Absolute REO Solutions is located in. I plan to sign up tomorrow and keep everyone updated on how it goes. I have an REO property relatively close to the companies location. If I have some time, may drive by and check it out.
I signed up for Absolute REO at the end of July, 2009. I have not seen anything for my $295 fee...Not an REO, Not a BPO. So far, I have to say this money that I threw at the wall hoping for it to stick, but sadly, it did not! I would love to just earn my money back so that I don't feel quite so taken.
I have been a member since July and I received my first BPO assignment this past Saturday. Whoo who!!! I look forward to getting REO listings soon. I think it is just taking time to get the ball rolling. It is only $295.00 and you can write it off. I don't think I would sit back and watch because I believe it is going to happen big!
Isn't it great to pay for all these start-up companies... Remember the dot com's?
Steven, my good buddy made a killing on when he sold.....


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