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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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I have read every comment and I am confused. Is this a legit company or not? Does it make sense to join or not? Is the fee to help them get started or to help agents increase their business or both? And if both, which one will stick - the agent's investment into this company to get more business or the ABS business of collecting the fee and maybe giving out 1/2 BPOs so that no one will be able to compliant?

Another question... why is the guarantee so long? 12 months is a long time and any business should be able to get it together by then right? But by 12 months, how many agents will ABS have and will their excuse turn into them saying, while they do have work.... they have too many agents?

I did not read these comments as bashing ABS, this is a forum and that is what it is set up for to inform. I suggest ABS and Reopro (Jesse) have a radio blast and put Stephen and others from ABS on the show to take to the Reopro members and set the record straight. I am sure ABS understand that none of us like the feel of being taken --- even it is not true -- its the "feel".

I am a serious agent, looking for work. Not looking to pay for the "hope" of work and more than likely not get my money invested back, let alone a REO or 2 out of this company.

Help us understand you!
i paid and im keepin hope alive!!
Thank you Stephen. I have made my decision for now.
The only other question I have is - is this $295 a yearly membership fee or is it a one timer.

Good luck in your business.
Thank you. Keep in touch and let me know if you and Jesse work something out or if you will be on a webinar or something introducing your business. Good luck!
I wascalled by one of representatives from Absolud REO and was told several small independent banks had several REO coming up soon and we have an opening for an agent in your area. Just pay the $295 and we will give you a userID and password and then review the Broker requirements and will speak with you concerning any questions you may have. That was fine. So after a couple of weeks I called their rep back and asked of the REO properties, he said he would call me back with an update. That was about 2 months ago and after repeated phone and email messages he hasn't responded once. I'm certainly not happy at all. If you do sign up, I hope you have a better experiance. Michael Buchanan R(B) ABR
I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have received one BPO from them. I completed and returned the BPO last week, but have't heard anything more.

Thanks for the response. I was simply trying to add some information to this blog regarding my experience with your company. Thank you though, for the update. I appreciate any infor and/or BPO/Assignments you have for my area.
Stephen Johnson told me a few weeks back to email him to discuss my frustrations I did, and I haven't receive an answer, but some of my friend in Maryland have been contacted by this company with the old script that an agent has retired and now they need to fill the spot, promise bpos and listings in the area but must pay first, my friends had asked me if this was a good company and I said to them the same thing that I say to all of the readers here, SAVE YOUR MONEY, this company just want your money, there are no listings or bpos.

To this day I have only seen one person in this network with an assignment from Absolute REO, Don't pay them there are some reputable companies that require a fee and will give you listings and bpos, but this company wont.
Thank you for the information Jose..I was spamed by them right after joining this site. My answer is: When you can give me a REO in my area. Please contact me first with the address and a confirmation in writing that this REO will be given to me after payment of fees. I do not do BPO's and do not give out asset manager information. I even sent them up to my alternate site to search for me to verify that I actually do REO's in lieu of filling out their information. Nope, my proof was not good enough for them. My answer is and will still be 'NO THANKS.' Hi Steven when you read this please remove thy self from my friend list.....Thanks, Don Hascall
You have made my point perfectly clear Mr. Johnson that when companies who are collecting fees are called marketing venues and the question arises on who is being marketed them or us. Thank you for the removal from your database and of course this means that my email will not be sold to third parties correct? And you did remove thyself from my friend list or is this something I must do myself?

Have a wonderful day, and be a blessing to someone.....
Sorry Steven for my misunderstanding. It was your remark that was included ' for our intent and purposes' and I should have asked for an complete understanding of these words and not thinking correctly as to the use of the word venure which I undertook to be in reality the word 'venture.' Which was my mistake, Websters definition of Venture is: to expose to chance or risk, an undertaking attended with risk, a business speculation.

After looking up the word Venue' it is 'the place or neighborhood where a crime is committed or a cause of action arises.' I didn't find the word 'venue' to be applicable to the story line. My apology....

I have been following the blog since I joined on Nov. 2009. and I was told by the 5th of December I would be receiving bpos/reos which I never received. I had sent you an email at the beginning asking you why with all these comments you wouldn't stand up. Your response was the comments were coming from those who did not join, but as you can see now they are coming from all of us who joined under misleading marketing. I ask again, Why IF ABS REO IS REAL - why dont you show proof that AbsReo is providing results as promised in certain areas - maybe realtors many in need at this time will not pitch in 295.oo to promote your business, unless they decide - in all honesty and with all understanding, or just like to invest in the future - as your "funny" comment on dot coms...

Once and for all, We, the Realtors on this site who joined and who did not join -deserve the Respect,
and a Professional Response to everyone's questions - Clear and Honest! Not with Funny comments. At this point we want the responses On this Blog - not your email so everyone can be informed.

To everyone: Join in and ask questions Clear and concise - directly to Stephen.


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