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I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if this is legit or if it's a scam? I'd hate to throw away nearly 300 bucks.

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You should threaten to call the attorney general - get your FULL refund!

I think everyone on this list should start posting to sites like and and I bet there are lots of other sites to post on...


this is the best yet, i got this email the other day, no signature or contact info,  got to love it, did any one else get this? heres email i recieved;




I am a former member of REO Pro.  I resigned when a fictitiously- named person ("Sal Roscoe") claiming to be with ABSReo was allowed to attack other members, post their personal information, slander and humiliate  without restraint.  Violating the TOS near daily. 

The forum owner refused to step in and curb the behavior.  I felt it probably wasn't worth it to keep fighting the "good fight" and exposing ABSREO because so many posters just didn't get it and kept treating ABSREO as if they were to be believed.  So my posts have long been deleted.  I am a real estate broker.  I never signed up with ABSReo.  I didn't have that beef with them, but I did have a beef with what they were doing and who they really were.  Some posters were called by another fictitiously-named ABSREO person and threatened with lawsuits-- so it was getting ugly.  And later, when I did more digging, maybe it could be a bit dangerous.  So I'm glad I withdrew when I did.


I read your recent posts and see that you've done some independent investigations yourself.  That's a first in about 300+ posts. 

You've found where their business is purportedly located, which it is not.  I found their address under a bridge in Chicago, too, but no business by their name is actually listed there.  However, they may have a controlling interest in a limosine company there. 

Russian-owned.  I found another address for another of their "companies" in the middle of a road outside Chicago; in fact, several of the main guy's businesses (probably 6+) with different names all have the same address.  It's not an overseas operation, but persons involved WERE/ARE from overseas.  Russia.  All Russians.  There are some high-stake poker players from both the east and west coasts, too.  So there is big money involved.  There are many, many interlocking companies, all involved in "finance"


and real estate, including offering short sale loan mods and listing/selling SS.  But, there are other non-related businesses, too, such as, PayLessNow "groupons", which looks as if it was started with money from ABSReo.  Starting very young, the main guy was banned by the SEC about 10 years ago for fraud.  He uses an alias on and off, depending.  His name is Anatoly Nirshberg AKA Anthony "Tony" Berg.  "Stephen Johnson" is Stefan Ivanovich or something similar.  Just so you know. I have plenty of names of partners and associates and lawyers and accountants.



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