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Looking to find out from anyone details on if we are still getting a discount from Alamode? Anyone using the Broker Site format for their office and have any feedback? Or any other Sites that are working for Brokers with a large lead base? I need to get a great lead system in place that has great agent features as well. Thanks!! Chrissi Jasso,

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I haven't been able to get any solid feedback on this site, I did however contact someone from the company for more details....I was interested in the Broker site, but doesn't seem to be what I need or function the way I need it. I as the broker for a 100% commission office will spend $2,000 for an office site for agents to get leads on their free site that I would get no referral for. I already have an office site that is somewhat basic, but not 2 grand a year! And I can only have leads sent to one agent with no other format offered. Meaning, the agent may not work the lead timely or waits 3 or 4 hours or longer to tell me they can't take the lead, seems like they could have more options on how to forward leads. I decided against this site for what I need and I am currently trying to find a fit in a lead router system....a lot to research!
Hi Guy's,

I am in the process of updting the REOPro store this week. Check back around Wednesday to see our prices.
I have an a-la-mode site for myself. I can honestly say, its done nothing for me, its a learning curve to make it cook, and for me.. am too busy. I got the site up and running, I even spent money on a google w/ power seo..... and nada..... My blogs get me more leads... I probably will drop out of a-la-mode next time around....I'm using s free site now as well... looks as good as my a-la-mode, will start moving all my links towards the free one soon.....Gotta be SAAVY with the $$$$$ this year---lolololololololo- Take care!!


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