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Does anyone have a website or contact info. for this company

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Why?  What are they?

I am sorry, but that link does not work

I had never heard of them but 2 weeks ago out of the blue I received a REO listing from them through Pyramid.

Hello Joe,

I'm also registered with Pyramid Platform, but I've not received any listings from them. Maybe it has to do with geographic activity... I'm in California, where are you?

Any update on these guys?  There isn't much info available but it looks like some folks from Green River work there now.  I just got a listing from Alta but I feel a little nervous about them since the last deal I had with Green River was a nightmare getting my money back.

Alta is good, reimbursement is fast. They do repair most of their properties so you know you are going to hold on to the property for a while.

Good to know - I was wondering about reimbursements.

I've sold 2 of their REO listings. Pretty good communication. Reimbursements were prompt. No issues.

Do you  happen to have a working website for them? I have looked all over but cannot seem to find their website


I tried the link as well, it does not work. 

I do not. They called me to take over a listing from another REO agent and I worked with them through the Pyramid Platform.


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