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Is there anyone out there listing properties for Altisource or Realtrans. 

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Yes for Altisource.  2 out of the 3 listings were pulled and placed into bulk sales. I have 2 others in the pipeline. No sweat here. I do the CMA and put them in the MLS. That's pretty much it.  And they are sending Hubzu buyer leads. I have requested a fee for my CMA. 

I have no idea what they are doing now.  My last dealing with them was an overpriced listing that I lost.  As usual, the next guy got the price reduction and it sold for my value.  That was the first time they ever reassigned on me.

They fired me and, from what I've read, a lot of their other long time agents.  No reason was ever given but I admit to not meeting a lot of due dates.  And starting in 2014, they screwed up my 1099 and my broker's by mixing up my BPO payments and our commissions and I kept telling them with no response.  

Most of the BPOs I was doing were simply for portfolio valuations.  Most did not go REO.  

The only time I knew I was getting a listing was when they assigned me an unpaid interior CMA.

They screwed up my 1099 too !!   I had to stop doing work for them  They were sending the IRS a 1099 with my name and my Brokerage tax ID #      Then they sent me letters saying I needed to correct this and that they were notified by the IRS that the tax ID # was incorrect.   I made many phone calls, sent letters  and emails,   and no matter how I tried, I could not make them understand that this was their mistake and that they needed to fix it.  I just had to stop accepting work from them because of this.


I have the same issue but I talked to my broker. The w9 I sent had my name and broker's tax ID. The money goes into my account though. I would like to know how the other agents do the BPOs. I tried to put my SS# on my w9 but they declined it.

I've been doing alot of BPO's for them, both interior and exterior.  Most are vacant.  They are listing with an out of state agent. Give the lock box in private notes on MLS and utilize Hubzu I believe. Not sure if they will ever use local agents again when they can keep everything "in house" so to speak.  I do the work because they pay good and I can negotiate fees on distant properties. 

They list with their own brokerage now called REALHome Services and Solutions. In Ohio, the agency is in rural Zanesville and also covers Kentucky. 

Some of their clients require that they use local agents. Wells Fargo was one of them. Deutsche Bank was another and who owned my last Altisource listing. 

Altisourse has Broker in Florida under the name of (RHSS01 /

Remember this company is National and yes they try to do everything in house.

I'm with Carrington Real Estate Services and they have been getting some Altisource REO's. I haven't had one yet, but some agents in the office have gotten one or two here and there. 

I got phone call in January sometime from Altisource rep if I was interested in their work. I signed up and started getting BPOs. I haven't done any yet because I was out for 3 weeks. The problem I noticed I can't pick and choose zip codes from the counties which is bummer so some of those BPOs are 100 miles away. They use RealTrans portal. I noticed few of them were IBPO and some were ICMA. Will try to get few next time i'm free. 

Anyone else doing BPOs for them?

Any feedback?

I have done a ton of ICMAs and IIBPOs for them and I was told that I was assigned a listing; however, I have not gotten the listing details yet.  I am told that it could take up to 2 weeks to get the actual listing, as they are preparing the property.  

I haven't checked the website lately but there's a place to define your zip codes or select whole cities or counties. I used to do a very high volume of BPOs for them up to about 2 years ago. I think they fired me but they also reduced their average exterior fee from $40 to $35. I was mostly ok w 40 but also frequently negotiated higher to go farther out. And they willingly paid it. I think they decided they were paying too much. 

I do bpo's and cma's for them.  The platform is quite easy. I haven't had any listings in a few years. They are using their own broker out of another state to list them, mostly auctions.  Easy however I think they might be using my photos for listings which pisses me off, but what can you do? It's too bad because they don't improve any of the properties, the absolute bare minimum, winterize and no power, hence the auctions due to condition.  


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