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Akron Ohio. I had great BPO volumes from Altisource up until July/August.  I now get a rare call asking for a distant location but no email orders. 

What is happening elsewhere?  Is your Altisource volume down?  Any idea why?

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I did have at least one Altisource closing so they pay the commission to the company. There was never a problem separating the 2 types of payments before. The problem is that they ended up reassigning MY vendor number for BPOs and my SSN to the company name.  

This year, they sent half of a both sides commission to me at my house under the Twin Oaks Realty name and the other half to the office.  That's when I first realized how screwed up they still are. 

Then this inquiry for "my" W9 happened.  

I meant W9 not W2. 


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