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Altisource calling you for orders is DOA as of yesterday! Joey Singh 9178594400

Altisource calling you for BPO orders is DOA as of yesterday if you haven't noticed! Joey Singh 9178594400

Stay on your computers and press refresh people on New Offers! They are not going to call you for orders for the foreseeable future. ( interesting fact is they are now 24 hours TAT and dropping it to $35 in alot of places)

My well informed sources tell me management was seeing that they were paying higher prices doing the " whats your fee and turnaround emails" and it was ripe with cheating, favoritism...and possibly, alleged other problems......aaaahhh think no bid contracts....

At least Now everyone has a fair chance to capture orders as long as they refresh every X.X seconds only XXX times in a 24 hour period not from the same IP address...

Joey Singh
ATX BPO Outsourcing Inc.
Business Development
Skype: Ameritax1
1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
1 516 881 0126 Direct Operations Floor Line
1 800 689 6028 Fax
1 917 859 4400 Cell   

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