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I think the order acceptance is a bit convoluted but at least we can decline with a fee and due date alternative. The subsequent emails are confusing. They sometimes say that the order was accepted as placed by another agent. Then the next one offers you your fee. Then sometimes you finally get a follow-up from an order processor.  And they are still using the old site!

The form is essentially the same but with more drop downs. But it's very slow. If you go too fast, the drop down won't take.  Too much space between the fields.  It will take some getting used to. I've only done the BPO form. Tomorrow - the CMA....

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Pros: Easier to upload photos & documents, no dysfunctional mapping function.
Cons: High latency, address field madness, sometimes glitchy on submits

They are currently running off of the same platform but earlier version of our site.  We experienced the same latency issues on our first build and had to rebuild twice to get much better performance.  I doubt they will be able to mitigate this issue in its current state.  On the bright side, we do already have this covered with our form fill automation. 


John Gattinger

It was so slow it barely moved. Then I tried it in Chrome and it was a little faster.  But the offers have been coming with no house number

Just a street address

And when I completed a CMA, if the comp address doesn't match exactly with whatever mapping tool they are using,  it keeps rejecting submission

It is taking me twice as long to complete these

It is not a different form than before  and is driving me nuts !!!!


It does say to use Chrome on the new site.

 I don't like the missing address numbers on the orders either.  Sometimes I can accept an order on the road and prefer to just look back at the email for the address.  With the address, I can click through on my tablet and get chrome maps along with trip time AND a photo of the actual house!

For comps, you have to type St or Ave, etc to get it right even in the BPO form.....

Photo upload was easier but I didn't find where to upload documents.  They accepted my BPOs but I like to show my work.  Guess I'll have to look a little closer for Doc upload. 

It would have been nice to have an automated converter from acres to lot square footage.   And why no drop down for data source?   Why still have distance as a field?   Why not eliminate city and state and let the zip code figure it out?  There is so much more that they could have done with this program. They really missed an opportunity here. 

They are only paying $29 for exteriors in my area which I won't accept. They had been paying $40. Does anyone know why the price change?

No change in the Akron Ohio area.  I still negotiate the fee.  Have you tried that?

These orders are being sent as no reply. Do I need to send them a separate email to negotiate the rate?

Just kogin and decline with comments. You give them your price and tat


Now I can't find anywhere to report an access issue and request an extension.  The access issue phone number just hangs up.  I've resorted to asking any Altisource order processor that sends me an email what to do.  

I have had problems since the 18th.  I took the webinar and tried to log in. I seem to be dropped from the system and no where to get any answers from.  I have been emailing and calling for the past 10 days and no one is answering me.  I have worked with them for the pasts 3 years.  I have no problems with the leasing side but the BPO and CMA side is impossible.  I read that Altlsource is in trouble financially and have been fined.

You have to reset your password the first time you visit the new site.  It requires one capital letter unlike the old site which doesn't.  

It is mainly Ocwen that's been in trouble over its relationships with Altisource and HLSS, both spinoffs.  I'm watching my payments very closely but there hasn't been any slow down or delay at all.  Both company's stock prices are hugely depressed. 


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