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I think the order acceptance is a bit convoluted but at least we can decline with a fee and due date alternative. The subsequent emails are confusing. They sometimes say that the order was accepted as placed by another agent. Then the next one offers you your fee. Then sometimes you finally get a follow-up from an order processor.  And they are still using the old site!

The form is essentially the same but with more drop downs. But it's very slow. If you go too fast, the drop down won't take.  Too much space between the fields.  It will take some getting used to. I've only done the BPO form. Tomorrow - the CMA....

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Your username is your email address. 

The justification "problems" remind me of some of the "problems" that pop up on some other venor forms like Mainstreet. It wants to know why an ORIGINAL LIST PRICE is outside the neighborhood range.  Duh - irrelevant. That's why the price was reduced....

 They use the old form occasionally. They are having problems with the new one. They are sending out 100's of emails per day for available orders. It is a glitch and is filling up my inbox and it is the same orders over and over. Any news on the Hud 3.7??

Does anyone from New York have these issues with Altisource.  I see they were in a class action suit and financial issues.

JoAnne - Unless the issues you refer to relate to the new website and how it and the forms function,  please start a new discussion. Thanks. 

In my area is $35 per BPO but it is a volume pilot program. Which is nice specially if you can have an assistant enter the comps data which is to me the time consuming part.  

My dislike is the customer support M to F business hours. I got locked out Friday after 5pm and nobody could help me get back in. 


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