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I just got contacted by AMC settlement services they sent me a package to fill out just want to know if any one has heard of them want to know something before i fill this out

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Can't imagine sending you a package just to ask you if you've heard of them.

they sent me a package to fill out to do work for them but i  don't know this company

What did you find when you searched the internet for them?


What kind of work are they soliciting for?  Are you a signer?

Diane, they have called me twice, but I haven't done anything with it yet. Like you, I am weary of being burned.

What kind of work are they offering?


That's kind of odd for a title/closing company.

I was just contacted by them as well. They asked if I would like to be signed up with them for bpos. I'm leery too as I have been burnt before doing orders for companies that don't pay. Does anyone have an experience with them?

Did anyone get setup with this company?  How is it going?  Any feedback you can provide?


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