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I received an email from someone named Larry Pool with Asset Management Consulting Firm LLC . He claims to be a former AM whose "Mother was high up in the ranks of Citi Residential Lending"  (weird, huh), among other things. This AMCF is developing an REO department and will offer Realtors marketing, education and intros to banks.  They plan to use ARRO as the platform and Lawyers Title for closings.  I began looking around for information and this company, whatever it is, actually asks you to give them your credit card information - for what? I don't know.  WHO HAS ANY KNOWLEDGE about this company and/or Larry Pool???

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Sounds like another give me money fraud.

I got this same email years ago so I'm guessing it's a scam...


FACEBOOK POST found by Google search

Statement From AMCF, LLC:
It has been brought to our attention that a NRBA conference call was done today and my name and company were mentioned on the call. It was advised that Larry Pool never worked as an Asset Manager for Fannie Mae, which is partly true. Larry Pool was an Asset Manager for Equity Pointe Asset Services on the Fannie Mae account. Many agents around the country will verify that this is true. Another item was brought up on the call that we charge an upfront fee and then don't help our clients. While it is true that we charge a upfront fee for our services is true we do help our clients and we have many letters of recommendations on our website for you to review. We take serious offense to these words that have been said and are taking steps with NRBA to correct what was said. It is also true that we do not charge referral fees on the back end and the reason for this is because we are not licensed real estate agents so we can't accept those types of fees. We also understand that people are able to have their own take on our services however, it is very unprofessional for anyone to say the things that were said on the call. Like we stated, yes it is true we charge a upfront fee and so does the NRBA for networking, being a member, etc but do they get you approved and in talks with banks and asset management companies directly? No they don't. So while pointing any kind of finger on a NRBA call is wrong just know that if you are a member of NRBA you paid a upfront fee also. 
Thank You for our current clients for standing by us and allowing us to be part of your team. We look forward to many more years of wonderful service.

Larry Pool


Here is their website at

The address shown on the website and below is within Parkwood Village Apartment complex.

Asset Management Consulting Firm, LLC
401 West Orangewood Avenue #D202
Anaheim, CA 92802 Phone: (718) 517-2289

The website domain name was created in 2009 under Larry Pool at 1421 E. Concord Ave. Orange CA 92867 - Phone 626-253-6450 / Email:  See under WHOIS.

IT Person who created website in 2012: Chris Hubbard of YourTech, 936 Oak Crest Drive. Gardner, Kansas 66030 / Phone: 816-398-8904.

It did  mentioned that the company helped REO Agents for about 5 years.  It does mentioned there is a fee to be a REO agent, but FREE to be BPO agent.

I don't believe banks would care to have an employee to have a business outside related to their real estate assets.  It is a conflict of interest as well as a lawsuit waiting to happen for the bank.   It maybe true Larry Pool has some AM experiences, but I do not believe he has the experience to run an Asset Management Company as a business.   Just does not sound right the way he presented it.

I believe he is really just trying to sell you the training on how to be a REO Agent from his apartment.

goes around in a circle, the scam manias...same happened to me.  

this is also off the FB page the CeCe found:

  • NEWS UPDATE: All REO agents please read, very important. AMCF has just launched a new business plan. We will now be in the business of selling assets. If you are not already in the ARRO system please sign up with ARRO Asset Management Systems so that you will be in the database and system that we will be using for all of our assets to be sold. We will be selling Hedge Fund Assets, REO Assets and many other types. If you have any questions on how to be a preferred agent with AMCF,LLC please email Larry Pool at and he will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. AMCF, LLC

Is anyone setup and working with this company?  How is it going (or not going)...?  Please advise with your thoughts and feedback.  Thanks!

I was recently contacted too but afraid to sign up in case it was another scam.  Is anyone working with them?

I sent an e-mail to Larry Pool yesterday to ask him to give me more information.  Let's see if he answers.  Also, the address above for Larry Pool is incorrect.  He is at .org, not .com..Thanks

Tell him to ask his Mommie for her citi card number

Larry Pool is a scam and a thief. He does indeed talk as though he knows what he is doing and sounds as if he really could help an agent get new business however; once the fee is paid, he disappears and no work is done for the agent client. Stay FAR, FAR AWAY from him.


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