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I received an email from someone named Larry Pool with Asset Management Consulting Firm LLC . He claims to be a former AM whose "Mother was high up in the ranks of Citi Residential Lending"  (weird, huh), among other things. This AMCF is developing an REO department and will offer Realtors marketing, education and intros to banks.  They plan to use ARRO as the platform and Lawyers Title for closings.  I began looking around for information and this company, whatever it is, actually asks you to give them your credit card information - for what? I don't know.  WHO HAS ANY KNOWLEDGE about this company and/or Larry Pool???

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I am tired of getting ripped off so I only work bank direct, Equator, Resnet, Pyramid

Kondaur, Single Source and Disposolutions.  I also quit doing BPOs  except for four companies that pay, emortgage, Servicelink, Residential Real Estate Review and Single Source. I quit several BPO companies that do not pay and the final straw was Team Lear.

I got one today as well.  Has anyone worked for them and actually rec'd a bonafide listing?


Run Brenda Run.....

Been going back and forth with him for a few weeks. Can't get a straight answer. He sent me a list of assets (mostly low end and trashed) and is "gonna" assign them to me but go ahead and "market'll get paid"  WHAT A JOKE!!!

Stay far far away would be my recommendation!

Good luck to all and let me know if I can help you in Maryland or Delaware : )


Thanks Lonnie. 

Thought so too and am running like my patooty is on fire!  LOL.  Just for "S" and "G's" I asked for the address on one of the assets in my area and his reply was that it had already been assigned.    Still waiting to hear who he assigned "the asset" to which I doubt he will disclose..

Have a great holiday!


Look for my recent posts and replies on the subjects.  3 assignments.  One already listed and I expected it was expiring.  Nope.  One was sold by owner but not really - listed.  Third was worth 25k, wanting to list for 45k and 2% no minimum commission. I turned it down.  They got 3 free CMAS from me.  And he STILL sent me the email within the past couple of weeks.  

yeah.... he called me again telling me he wanted to reassign 10 in Maryland to me immediately yet 5 days later I still hadn't seen them. Called him back on it and he said "he was busy". After asking him a few more questions, he started "questioning my character and telling me I was rude for doubting him"..Said he was going to give them to someone else. I haven't been able to sleep since   : )  It's a shame the industry has gotten to this point

I also have received several emails from him start up cost $600, plus another $600 after you sell 2 properties.  Doesn't sound very good to me.


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